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Thick slag self-leveling complete solution for steel slag, steel sludge and desulfurization gypsum

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2023-01-11 15:33

1. Steel slag and steel sludge to make spherical aggregate
The aggregate used for thick self-leveling is about 40-120 mesh fine aggregate. The experiment proves that the fine aggregate of about 40-120 mesh has the advantages of good fluidity and strong particle suspension, which is beneficial to the improvement of fluidity and strength of self-leveling. With the development of industrial production, the amount of industrial waste is huge, the variety is numerous, the composition is complex, and the treatment is quite difficult. The recycling of industrial solid waste has become an important way to effectively alleviate the contradiction of strategic resource shortage. At the same time, the recycling of industrial solid waste is also a solution to the problem of resource shortage in China, reducing the pressure brought by resources to economic development, and effectively alleviating China's ecology. An important way of environmental pollution problems. In the selection of aggregates, the solid waste-made ball aggregates such as steel slag, steel sludge, tailings slag and the like are preferably used as self-leveling aggregates, so that the recyclable resources contained in the industrial solid waste can be turned into waste.
2, steel slag, desulfurization gypsum to make thick layer self-leveling
This product is mainly used for floor leveling and backfilling of buildings. The market uses a huge amount. The product can use 90% of the waste residue from steel mills. The project has been signed with Laigang Group and has been applied in major real estate.
Processing desulfurization gypsum or phosphogypsum into  self-leveling material technology can provide a technical route for realizing large-scale and resource utilization of flue gas desulfurization gypsum, realize ecological closure of flue gas desulfurization, and promote the healthy development of flue gas desulfurization in China; In terms of the aspect, the cost of land for stacking desulfurization gypsum is greatly reduced. On the other hand, it can make up for the blank  of  natural gypsum resources in some areas, which is conducive to the development of gypsum building materials in areas where natural gypsum is lacking, enrich gypsum building materials and promote the  development of self-leveling materials. The desulfurized gypsum is converted into a self-leveling material, which eliminates the secondary pollution of the desulfurized gypsum at the same time of resource utilization, and  has  the characteristics of recycling economy.
The main raw materials for thick self-leveling are composed of  cementitious materials, aggregates and additives. The cementitious material is mainly desulfurization gypsum which is industrial by-product. The aggregate is solid waste, steel slag, steel sludge, tailings slag, etc.,  which saves resources and turns waste into treasure, and has high economic benefits and good environmental benefits.