Causes and treatment methods of putty dedusting and delamination

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Causes and treatment methods of putty dedusting and delamination
Putty powder powder: after the construction is completed and dry, touch the powder with your hand.
1, the interior wall putty powder polishing time is not good, the surface has been dry after polishing treatment will be off powder;
2, exterior wall putty powder, the coating is relatively thin when finishing, in the summer high temperature, the moisture volatilizes quickly, the surface layer is not enough moisture to cure, so it is easy to take off the powder.
3. The product exceeds the shelf life, and the bonding strength is greatly reduced.
4. Improper storage of the product will greatly decrease the bonding force after moisture absorption.
5, the grass-roots water absorption rate is high, resulting in putty drying speed is very fast, there is not enough water for curing.
1, the interior wall putty surface polishing to master the appropriate polishing time, the best period of polishing is to be putty surface watermark disappeared, immediately polished. Practice has proved that the facing 1~2m2 should be flattened or polished.
2. After the surface of the exterior wall putty is dry, it should be appropriately polished and fully watered. General maintenance is divided into two or more times. If necessary, please use transparent sealing primer with water (1:5) as the second drenching liquid, the effect will be better.
3. The product must be used within the shelf life. If it exceeds the shelf life, it must be scraped and inspected before construction;
4, the product must pay attention to waterproof treatment, should exist in a cool and dry place, and ensure that the package is intact.
5. In summer or under high temperature and strong wind climate conditions, it is best to wet the wall surface with clean water before applying putty, and putty can be applied after there is no open water on the surface of the wall.
Putty delamination: between two layers of putty or putty and substrate peel off each other.
1. The substrate contains a large amount of release agent (such as waste oil, wax emulsion);
2. The base is seriously pulverized and the water absorption is too large.
3, the bottom putty powder is serious, the lower putty is too hard, drying too fast will also cause shedding.
4. The construction interval between the two layers of putty is too long, generally more than 15 days, and the facing layer sometimes causes delamination.
5. After construction or during construction, the putty layer is infiltrated by rainwater or other permeable water, resulting in the loss of effective components of putty and falling off.
6. The collocation of two layers of putty is unreasonable.
Processing method:
1, eradicate the shedding layer, re-select the special putty batch swing;
2. For severely pulverized construction surfaces, it is best to use 10% sealing primer diluent for sealing, and then carry out corresponding putty layer or other construction after drying.
3, putty, especially the interior wall putty, as far as possible to shorten the interval between the two putty construction;?
4, pay attention to the construction process protection, in the putty construction process or within 8 hours after construction, putty is best not to be water infiltration;

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