Market prospects and advantages of self-leveling of thick layers of new earth gypsum base

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Market prospects and advantages of self-leveling of thick layers of new earth gypsum base
1. Gypsum-based self-leveling industry background
China is the world's largest carbon dioxide (CO?) emissions of the country, reducing carbon emissions pressure is very large, the development of low-carbon economy without delay. As an important product to replace cement leveling materials and reduce carbon emissions in China's building materials market, self-leveling gypsum has not yet been industrialized. One of the raw materials for its production, "desulfurization gypsum", is discarded every year to tens of millions of tons. Thermal power plants that emit desulfurization gypsum usually have heat source conditions that produce it as a raw material for self-leveling gypsum and meet the environmental protection requirements of our country. China's annual construction area of 2 billion square meters also provides a huge market for the sale of self-leveling gypsum. In China, the production and sales of self-leveling gypsum and its production equipment and construction equipment according to local conditions have broad market prospects and rich profits.
2. Overview of the Chinese market for self-leveling gypsum
At present, in the construction of buildings in our country, cement mortar is still basically used and the traditional manual method is used to make the leveling layer, and then the ground is decorated, so that the development of self leveling gypsum in our country has the following characteristics:
(1) The technology is not mature. There is no large-scale production, coupled with the fact that most manufacturers use building gypsum to prepare, and by increasing the amount of chemical additives (additive costs account for about 2/3 of the production cost of self-leveling gypsum) to ensure that the corresponding performance requirements are met, the new earth group based on its own raw material advantages and technical advantages. Successful development of gypsum-based self-leveling for the domestic market.
(2) self leveling gypsum as the ground leveling layer, with other materials can not match the advantages, so its market prospects. China's annual new construction area of nearly 2 billion square meters, if 60% of the ground using self-leveling gypsum, there will be more than 2000 million tons of market demand each year.
(3) The state vigorously promotes the hardcover room policy.
3. Advantages of thick layer self-leveling:
1. High flatness. The flatness reaches 3 meters and the drop within the foot is less than 2mm.
2.100% without cracking. Construction thickness 8cm no cracking phenomenon.
3, no need for traditional methods of maintenance
4, quick dry. After 2 hours of summer construction/8 hours of winter construction
5. The dry bulk density is 1.42kg/L, and the same thickness is lighter than that of fine stone concrete. Can reduce the overall weight of the stairs.
6, the construction thickness can be controlled, according to the thickness of the floor heating pipe, can do 1-8cm.
7, the construction efficiency is high, each team construction 1500-2000 square meters per day.
4, gypsum-based thick layer self-leveling development prediction.
China's annual new construction area of nearly 2 billion square meters, of which the northern heating area has basically adopted the floor heating, which is more conducive to the promotion and application of self-leveling gypsum. However, at present, there are less than ten manufacturers of self-leveling gypsum in China, with an annual output of only about 10,000 tons, and there is no special construction machinery. Therefore, self-leveling gypsum is in China's building materials market, all gypsum products, the only one without large-scale industrial production of products. As an important product to replace cement and reduce carbon emissions in China, self-leveling gypsum has the social and economic benefits of energy saving and emission reduction compared with the "gypsum dry powder mortar" which has been introduced by the government.
5, the new earth gypsum-based thick layer self-leveling market prospects.
1, the rapid development of the real estate industry to ensure the development of self-leveling gypsum space. Self-leveling gypsum is the only and last product without industrialization in all mature gypsum products in the world in China's building materials market, and its development potential is huge;
2. There are three reasons why self-leveling gypsum has not been widely used in China's market. First, self-leveling gypsum uses building gypsum as base material and does not have large-scale production to make its application cost higher than traditional cement mortar. Second, there is no professional and systematic construction machinery. Third, desulfurization gypsum, which is lower in price than natural gypsum, has not been used, but these problems are easy to solve.
3, power plant steam is suitable for the production of high-strength gypsum heat source.
4, can make tens of millions of tons of environmental protection by-products-high-grade desulfurization gypsum to the best use;
5, leading technology, have patents, can obtain monopoly profits;
6, long industrial chain, can produce and sell self-leveling gypsum, but also can produce and sell self-leveling gypsum production equipment and construction equipment;
7, national policy support. For example, Shanghai in 2009 has made in 2011 the development of self-leveling plaster planning;
8, alternative cement, reduce carbon emissions, with low-carbon economy, circular economy dual characteristics.
Based on the above points, the new earth gypsum-based thick layer self-leveling will quickly occupy the market, welcome people with lofty ideals to join the agent of the product, and the new earth together to create the future!

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