Application of Redispersible Emulsion Powder in Products

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Application of redispersible latex powder in products:
1. exterior insulation system:
Bonding mortar: to ensure that the mortar will be firmly bonded to the wall and EPS board. Increase bond strength.
Plastering mortar: to ensure the mechanical strength of the insulation system, cracking resistance and durability, impact resistance.
2. tile binder and caulking agent:
Tile binder: provides high strength adhesion for the mortar, and gives the mortar enough flexibility to strain the different thermal expansion coefficients of the substrate and the tile.
Seam agent: let the mortar has impermeability, to prevent the invasion of water. At the same time with the edge of the tile has good adhesion and low shrinkage, flexibility.
3. tile renovation and plank plaster putty:
Improve the adhesion and bonding strength of putty on special substrates (such as tile surface, mosaic, plywood and other smooth surfaces), and ensure that the putty has good flexibility to strain the expansion coefficient of the substrate.
4. interior and exterior wall putty:
Improve the bond strength of the putty, to ensure that the putty has a certain degree of flexibility to buffer the different base to produce different stretching stress.
To ensure that the putty has good aging resistance and impermeability, moisture resistance.
5. leveling floor mortar:
Ensure the matching of the elastic modulus of the mortar and the bending force and crack resistance.
Improve the abrasion resistance and bond strength and cohesion of mortar.
6. interface mortar:
Improve the surface strength of the substrate and ensure the adhesion of the mortar.
7. cement based waterproof mortar:
Ensure the waterproof performance of the mortar coating, and at the same time have good adhesion with the base surface, improve the compressive and flexural strength of the mortar
8. repair mortar:
Ensure that the expansion coefficient of the mortar and the base material match and reduce the elastic modulus of the mortar.
Ensure that the mortar has sufficient water repellency, air permeability and adhesion.
9. masonry plastering mortar:
Improve water retention.
Reduce the loss of water to the porous substrate.
Improve the simplicity of construction operation and improve work efficiency.

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