Why use water-resistant putty for wall decoration

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Why use water-resistant putty for wall decoration
decoration wall decoration, choose a suitable putty is very important. If the quality of wall putty does not pass, it is prone to mold, peeling, cracking, hollowing and even falling off. This anomaly, not only has a huge impact on the overall wall effect, but also for the health of the family. Why use resistance?Water putty, instead of using ordinary putty, let's look at the difference between these two categories of products.
1) Water resistance
Ordinary putty afraid of water, dissolved in water, poor water resistance. If the environmental humidity is high, the use of ordinary putty batch scraping of the wall will soon appear loose, pulverized, peeling phenomenon.
Due to the use of gray calcium products in the material of water-resistant putty, crystalline calcium carbonate is generated by the reaction with carbon dioxide in the air during the later curing process, so the water resistance is obvious. Ecological home wall lining (water-resistant putty powder) has been tested many times in various parts of the country, and its putty model has been soaked in water for 72 hours without powder and pulp removal.Abnormal.
2) Whiteness and fineness
The whiteness of the powder used in ordinary putty is only about 85, the fineness is only about 300 mesh, and the particles are coarse. Even if the finest sandpaper is used for polishing, the surface cannot be polished very fine and smooth.
After the construction of water resistant putty surface is smooth and delicate, receiving light treatment after the putty will give a smooth feel, with decorative effect can be used as a decorative layer. For example, the powder selected for ecological home wall lining (water-resistant putty powder) has stricter standard requirements when purchasing: fineness requirements above 400 mesh and whiteness requirements above 90
3) Paint consumption
As mentioned earlier, the fineness of the powder used for ordinary putty is only about 300 mesh, so the powder particles are relatively coarse, and the wall surface pores scraped out by this putty powder batch are relatively large. Therefore, when applying latex paint, not only the leveling property is poor, but also the surface of the paint film is not delicate enough, which affects the beauty, but also increases the amount of paint, allowing the owner to spend more money.
Tests have proved that for walls with the same area, when using this kind of water-resistant putty (powder fineness as high as 400 mesh and whiteness as high as 90 or more) similar to ecological home wall lining (water-resistant putty powder), it can save 25-30% of coating dosage compared with ordinary putty.
4) Bond strength
JG/298-2010 "Putty for Building Interior" standard clearly stipulates the strength of putty. The bond strength of ordinary putty in the standard state is greater than 0.25MPa, and there is no requirement for the strength after soaking in water, while the bond strength of water-resistant putty in the standard state is 0.50MPa, and the bond strength after soaking in water is greater than 0.30MPa..
It can be seen from the standard that the strength of water resistant putty is significantly higher than that of ordinary interior wall putty, so the use of water resistant putty can greatly avoid the risk of hollow and falling off the wall.
5) Comprehensive cost
Ordinary putty has poor water resistance, so it must be removed and cleaned together with the original paint when decorating later, and then putty shall be scraped again. Eradicate down the waste, difficult to reuse, will cause pollution to the environment. While causing waste of resources to the country and society, for the owners, the cost of renovation (material costs, labor costs) will be increased.
And the use of water resistant putty decoration wall, life can be as high as 15 years or even longer. Even after a number of years after the need for two, three or more decoration, also do not shovel under the solid water resistant putty layer, just polished putty surface, local repair can be carried out to the next process.
The unit price of water-resistant putty may be 1-2 times that of ordinary putty, but the decorative effect after using water-resistant putty is far from ordinary putty. And from the amount of paint and secondary decoration putty cost and construction costs of comprehensive calculation, the use of water resistant putty cost will be lower.

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