How to distinguish between water resistant putty and non water resistant putty

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How to distinguish between water resistant putty and non water resistant putty

Putty powder as one of the main materials for foundation construction. It is also related to the quality of wall decoration. currently on the market there are two kinds of water resistant and water resistant putty, that water resistant putty and how to distinguish between non water resistant putty?

1. Environmental protection

Water resistant putty is a high-tech product integrating fine chemical technology. In the process of material selection, the raw materials purchased are strictly tested for geological and mineral properties. The heavy metal content is low, and it has higher environmental protection quality, reaching European environmental protection standards and Japanese environmental standards. Ingredients do not contain harmful chemical components, environmental protection is almost excellent.

Ordinary putty is a single workshop production, the use of large white glue, cooked glue powder, cellulose and other harmful substances, the results are self-evident, even if the choice of environmentally friendly wall paint, harmful gases still hurt the health of the owners.

2. Construction difficulty

After the water-resistant putty is blended, when it is put aside for 10-15 minutes to reach the fusion state, there is no difference between the construction and the ordinary putty. However, attention should be paid to strive for leveling every time as much as possible, and no labor should be required during polishing, because the strength of the water-resistant putty is much higher than that of the ordinary putty, and the construction requirements for workers are meticulous and professional.

Ordinary putty to reconcile the construction, grinding because the strength is far lower than the water resistant putty, so when grinding more labor-saving, but also easy to differentiation and peeling, cracking.

How to buy water resistant putty

1-Touch with your hands.

Water resistant putty after construction surface is smooth and delicate, receiving light treatment after the putty will give people smooth feel, poor putty feel slightly rough.

2, hands-on batch scraping

Water resistant putty unique whiteness and density, so that its unit area coating adhesion, cover rate than the use of ordinary putty wall can save 25 ~ 30% of the amount of coating, easy construction, easy to polish, there is a certain hiding power. Bad putty needs to be scraped very thick with more materials.

3. Scraping the wall surface

JG/T 298-2010 "Putty for Indoor Use in Buildings" standard clearly stipulates the strength of putty. The bond strength of ordinary putty in the standard state is greater than 0.25MPa, and there is no requirement for the strength after soaking, while water-resistant putty requires the bond strength in the standard state to reach 0.50MPa, and the bond strength after soaking is greater than 0.30MPa. Through the standard can be seen, the strength of water resistant putty is higher than that of ordinary wall putty, so the use of water resistant putty is not easy to produce empty drum, fall off. Poor putty gently scratch, there is a deep scratch.

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