What are the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud coating

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Diatom mud is a kind of inorganic gel material as the main binding material, diatom material as the main functional filler, the preparation of dry powder interior wall decoration coating material. It has the functions of eliminating formaldehyde, purifying air, adjusting humidity, releasing negative oxygen ions, fireproof and flame retardant, self-cleaning wall, sterilization and deodorization. Used to replace the wall
Paper and latex paint are suitable for interior wall decoration of villas, apartments, hotels, homes, hospitals, etc. Therefore, diatom mud coating is a new type of environmental protection coating. Diatom mud has the functions of eliminating formaldehyde and releasing negative oxygen ions. It is called "environmental protection functional wall material that can breathe".
Diatom mud is a relatively natural wall coating, this wall coating is mainly used for interior building decoration, is a kind of can protect the environment and reduce pollution of the interior wall coating. Now many people will choose diatom mud when decorating the interior wall, because diatom mud has a relatively large advantage is that it can be reduced.
Indoor toxic and harmful gases, it is a kind of pure natural paint. so what are the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud coating?
Advantages 1: its own green diatom mud selection of natural, green environmental protection, does not contain formaldehyde, VOC and other pollutants, than some of the traditional wall materials from oil, glue to many environmental protection.
Disadvantage 1: high construction requirements of diatom mud overall construction technology requirements are relatively high, no training is difficult to achieve their own DIY, the purchase time to have a professional construction team.
Advantage 2: diatom mud diatomite, has a strong physical adsorption function, can absorb formaldehyde pollutants, play the function of purifying the air.
Disadvantage 2: decomposition of formaldehyde technology brands have most of the regular manufacturers of diatom mud can be adsorbed, but the adsorption did not really remove, adsorption saturation may lead to concentrated outbreak of pollution, resulting in secondary pollution. If you want to really remove pollution, it is necessary to decompose formaldehyde, but decomposition technology
Need to have a strong scientific research strength, now, only diatom mud big brand.
Advantage 3: Diatom mud can effectively regulate indoor humidity, absorb excess water when indoor humidity, and release water when dry. It can also prevent wall condensation.
Disadvantage 3: the kitchen, bathroom can not use diatom mud, although can breathe humidity, but in the kitchen, bathroom and other lampblack, moisture is too much place is not suitable for use, should choose tile products.
Advantage 4: Long service life Diatom mud material is an inorganic material with long service life, up to 20 years or so. There will be no bulging, warping and other phenomena.
Disadvantage 4: single coating cost is higher compared with some traditional wall materials, diatom mud single coating cost is higher. But if this is seen together with its 20-year service life, the service life is 3-5 times that of traditional wall materials, and the comprehensive cost performance is higher.
Advantage 5: Hand-made, good decorative effect diatom mud is all made by hand-made, various patterns and texture styles can be selected at will, and can be customized privately. It is a popular environmental protection material for home decoration nowadays. At the same time, it is also the choice of major hotels and clubs.
Disadvantage 5: It is difficult to distinguish good from bad. Friends reflect that diatom mud at home is very rough and powder will fall off.

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