Common Problems and Solutions of Putty Powder

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Water resistant putty powder problem

1 products do not calender off powder

Reason: technical ratio is unreasonable, the lack of film-forming material in putty

Solution: increase the amount of glue in putty (non-fiber) ratio,

Such as PVA polyvinyl alcohol powder, redispersible latex powder, other modified starch powder, sodium bentonite

The product did not drop powder at that time, and dropped powder after a period of time.

Reason: the lack of film-forming material in putty, starch adhesive too much, a long time will absorb moisture in the air caused by product powder

Solution: the proportion of cementing material in putty, such as PVA polyvinyl alcohol powder, redispersible latex powder

The phenomenon of powder falling is mainly due to the unreasonable technical ratio of products.

Less reasons for unreasonable construction process

The base is too dry, and the base with large water absorption (fast) should be sprayed with water or glue first, otherwise the powder will fall off (the quality of water-resistant putty is no problem)

How to avoid empty drums

The base course shall be treated clean and free of oil stains and floating soil.

Do not scrape water-resistant putty under the condition of 821 putty (or serious pulverization of putty once before)

Do not scrape water-resistant putty at the base with lower strength than water-resistant putty (polystyrene board, rock wool, etc.)

The base shall be firm and free from movement, impact and vibration.

Water resistant putty each construction thickness should not exceed 1.5mm, the total thickness should not exceed 2.5mm

After each putty construction, it is best to calender, can make the grass-roots dense, small water absorption

The pulverized putty shall be applied after gluing.

How to construct when the total thickness of putty exceeds 2.5mm due to uneven base

-- first with putty glue (108 glue, 791 glue) and cement (P. O32.5 above) according to 12 (weight ratio) for construction, backing and leveling

-Scraping water-resistant putty after drying

The phenomenon of hollowing is mainly due to improper construction technology

Less reasons for the quality of water resistant putty

Water-resistant putty is easy to empty when it lacks anti-cracking material.

Yellowing problem of water-resistant putty

Main reasons:

Ash calcium powder after a long time yellowing phenomenon

Different regions, or different raw materials in the same region, some varieties of gray calcium in Zhejiang and Guangxi have yellowing phenomenon.

Calcium (light calcium oxide) from Hebei Province should not be yellowed

After the construction of putty, the environment is wet or the base is not completely dry.

Some additives at the base level react with the putty

Poor operability of water-resistant putty

Lack of raw materials to improve handling (cellulose, wood fiber)

The fineness of fillers such as ash calcium powder is not enough (90% above 325 mesh)

Less binder (PVA powder, modified starch)

The base is too dry, more water absorption,

Poor water resistance of water resistant putty

The proportion of fillers such as gray calcium powder and white cement is small (90% above 325 mesh)

Less binder (PVA powder, modified starch)

The base is too dry, more water absorption, resulting in putty can not be fully pulverized

Putty not calendered


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