Permeable concrete pavement, so that your city is not flooded

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Recently, most cities have suffered losses due to flooding again. I don't know if your city has been flooded. With the hardening of the city's pavement, cement roads with poor water permeability and urban drainage facilities that have lost their conscience, they have been unable to meet the dredging and drainage ability of short-term heavy precipitation, which has led to a serious "water siege". At present, most cities in our country adopt the rainwater fast drainage mode. 70% of the rainwater falls on the hardened ground and can only flow on the ground surface. Then it is concentrated and quickly drained from the pipelines. When heavy rainfall comes, it is not enough to repair more pipelines.Sponge city construction is one of the effective ways to prevent urban waterlogging.
According to statistics from the Office of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters in 2015, from 2013 to 2015, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other places, an average of 180 cities were flooded each year, and 234 in 2013. Many experts believe that "urban construction focuses on the surface and neglecting the underground", "the city lacks scientific planning and advanced awareness", "neglecting to supervise underground drainage projects", "the development concept and the concept of political achievements eager for quick success and instant benefits" have caused urban waterlogging to occur from time to time.
In April 2012, in the "2012 low carbon city and regional development science and technology forum", the concept of "sponge city" was put forward.
In October 2015, the general office issued the guiding opinions on promoting the construction of sponge city, which made it clear that 70% of the rainfall would be absorbed and utilized locally through the construction of sponge city.
In March 2017, in the work report, sponge city construction was included in the annual key tasks.
The drainage system tests the conscience of a city... The use of ordinary sand and gravel concrete in a large area for a long time will harden the road surface, so that the soil that would have absorbed moisture becomes less, making urban flood control more difficult. When the rainstorm is flooded, the construction of sponge city is imminent. Under the background of urbanization, roads and high-rise buildings expand rapidly, and the traditional urban development path changes the original water ecology. Traditional urban hardened pavement surface runoff ratio of 98-100%,
Permeable concrete pavement is a means of sponge city construction. As one of the source runoff control facilities, it can realize the five functions of seepage, stagnation, storage, net and discharge in the six implementation measures and means of sponge city construction.
The surface of the concrete is composed of permeable concrete, and a lot of large pebbles are added, which has good water permeability. The second layer is a loose base layer composed of gravel, which can store a large amount of water, and then this water will gradually penetrate into the lower soil. Permeable concrete, so that cement paste and gravel aggregate fully and firmly bonded together, but will not fill the gap between the gravel, its permeability at the same time, with higher bearing capacity and durability. Compared with the traditional hardened pavement, permeable concrete pavement can solve urban waterlogging, coordinate the comprehensive management of urban water resources, realize rainwater collection and reuse, and effectively improve the efficiency and standard of urban drainage system. The emergence of permeable concrete has brought dawn to solve the problem of urban rainwater.
In addition, permeable concrete also has the purification function of suspended pollutants in rainwater; absorbs noise, which can reduce the noise level by an average of 5 decibels; has a good water storage capacity, greatly reduces the potential of urban areas, and alleviates the urban heat island effect. Used for pedestrian trails, park landscape roads, parking lots, residential roads and other light, with the promotion and development of permeable concrete, I believe that in the near future, our home will become a real "breathing" city.

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