What are the advantages of adding polypropylene fiber mortar

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Polypropylene fiber has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, good chemical resistance and antimicrobial resistance, and low price.

Polypropylene fiber has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, good chemical resistance and antimicrobial resistance and low price, so it is widely used in mortar concrete products, adding polypropylene fiber mortar has many aspects to improve the basic performance of construction quality, the following details:
(1) can effectively prevent the wall plastering crack phenomenon, when the wall surface layer using fiber mortar, can prevent the occurrence of cracking phenomenon.
(2) the mortar base is firm and clean, beautiful and smooth, suitable for the use of various types of coatings. All kinds of exterior wall coatings increasingly widely used in engineering, the mortar base put forward higher requirements, fiber mortar because of good crack resistance, impact resistance and frost resistance, can improve its engineering and technical characteristics, to meet the requirements of the construction process and ensure its construction quality.
(3) can make up for the new lightweight wall materials to promote the application of technical defects. All kinds of lightweight energy-saving wall materials have the defects of mortar surface cracking and insufficient impermeability to varying degrees, which affects the value of its popularization and application. In the use of these wall materials at the same time, supporting the use of fiber mortar as plastering surface, can fully compensate for its performance defects, is conducive to the quality of the project.
(4) can improve the efficiency of plastering construction and reduce the loss. Fiber mortar due to its adhesion, stability are excellent pure cement mortar, plastering construction on the ash becomes easy, and the mortar drop is relatively greatly reduced, can greatly improve the efficiency of plastering construction and reduce material loss.
(5) can partially or completely replace the steel wire mesh or steel wire mesh structure, due to the physical reinforcement of polypropylene fiber material in the cement matrix, to a certain extent, can replace the steel wire mesh, at least partially, so that it is of great significance to save materials and reduce construction costs.
(6) polypropylene fiber mortar surface layer has good construction finishing operation characteristics. Because the fiber material suitable for mixing in the mortar is a kind of fine monofilament fiber, it has no effect on the surface appearance of the mortar surface.
(7) Conducive to the construction quality of facing brick surface. The use of fiber mortar as the base, due to the reduction of its cracking phenomenon or basically no, to ensure the bonding strength of the facing brick, to prevent the occurrence of brick joint cracking and hollowing and other phenomena, plays an important role.
(8) Polypropylene fiber mortar has strong anti-aging ability and reliable durability.
(9) The process is simple and the scope of application is wide. The configuration of fiber mortar can keep the original ratio of mortar unchanged, only according to the unit volume doping into the mortar mixing evenly, mixing, mixing equipment and process without special requirements.
(10) Polypropylene fiber mortar can effectively compensate for the technical performance defects of the innovative application and development of modern engineering technologies such as structural self-waterproofing and roof waterproofing. As the polypropylene fiber in the mortar greatly improves the crack resistance and ductility of the mortar matrix, it can be used as a non-structural reinforcing material to prevent the plastic shrinkage of the mortar surface layer when used with the self-waterproof RC (reinforced concrete) wall structure, foundation slab structure and roof beam slab structure.

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