Economic and environmental benefits of permeable pavement

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Permeable pavement can also beautify the environment, effectively control the river pollution, and have good water storage.

According to experts' estimation, the renovated permeable pavement covers an area of about 3.7 million square meters and can store 690000 cubic meters of water, which is equivalent to the displacement of 70 water pumps. If this part of precipitation is mixed into the sewage system, it will be seriously wasted. The total length of the paved trail is 5500 meters, covering an area of 25000 square meters, saving 12000 cubic meters per year. The construction cost of the ground paved with permeable materials is basically the same as or lower, in addition, permeable pavement can beautify the environment, effectively control the river pollution, and have good water storage.
Beautify the environment
Can be mixed with a variety of pigments in the binder, making the concrete pavement color becomes diverse, it is easy to form a variety of patterns, can be combined with the surrounding landscape free design, get rid of the previous black pavement of a single, dignified, depressed, enrich the color of the city pavement, beautify the city's landscape effect. There are already many such examples in our country. Our country is actively studying. Now there is a permeable ecological color art floor. It is not only ecological and environmentally friendly. A bottle of mineral water falls down, but it completely seeps down in two seconds, thus solving the problem of slippery road surface in rainy and snowy weather in the past. And color, texture, fancy changeable, suitable for different landscape style needs. Harmonious and rich in change, compared with other cold-toned tunnel in Hangzhou, it enriches the color of Hangzhou.
Effective river pollution control
Urban river pollution control is of great significance in urban construction. Permeable concrete can be used for river slope protection to prevent water and soil erosion due to the erosion of river embankment by water flow, which is conducive to the growth of green plants. The application effect is beyond the assumption of the implementation of ecological restoration project on the river bank. In order to implement the "Canal Application for Heritage" plan, Hangzhou has applied permeable concrete to the embankment and slope protection projects of urban rivers on a large scale, which has achieved "clear water, green banks and beautiful scenery" and has become a good place for citizens to relax and play.
Excellent water storage
Permeable concrete can make rainwater quickly penetrate into the ground, replenish groundwater, maintain soil moisture, maintain the ecological balance of groundwater and soil, improve urban ecological conditions, and avoid engineering geological disasters such as subsidence and housing foundation subsidence caused by excessive exploitation of groundwater. After calculation, 50 million square meters of permeable floor, based on the annual rainfall of 600mm, can store 30 million cubic meters of water, which is equivalent to the capacity of a medium-sized reservoir. It can be seen that the water storage potential of permeable concrete pavement is great!

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