Why is it said that stucco gypsum can replace cement mortar wall plastering in the future?

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Why is it said that stucco gypsum can replace cement mortar wall plastering in the future?

1. Gypsum, lime and cement are the three major cementitious materials. However, the pollution of gypsum is particularly small, which can effectively protect the environment and improve the haze. Machine-sprayed gypsum mortar
2, at present, China's concrete wall and ceiling plastering process used in the paint material is generally mixed mortar and lime mortar, the main disadvantage of this process is the dry shrinkage, poor adhesion, complex process, low labor productivity. And concrete mortar on the grass-roots treatment and the strength of each layer of mortar strict requirements, once one of the links is not strictly controlled, it will lead to plaster layer hollowing, cracking, wall bubbles, flowering, white and other quality problems. Direct use of putty powder leveling construction, secondary construction process exists wall aging, ultra-thick parts easy to crack, fall off, etc.
In order to overcome all kinds of common problems, there is a plaster plaster, the construction process compared with the traditional plaster process has the advantages of fast condensation, fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, adjust indoor humidity, no hollowing, no cracking, and the base bond firm, smooth surface, convenient construction operation, short construction period, high efficiency (50 times the benefits of the traditional plaster process) and so on.
Plaster gypsum ten advantages:
1. Good bonding performance. After cleaning the wall base, the material can be directly used in various wall plastering.
2. There is no need to treat the concrete slab, column, beam and light masonry with interface agent.
3, raw materials for natural ingredients, no bad shrinkage performance after painting molding, with micro expansion function, can prevent the appearance of fine cracks on the wall, no hollowing, cracking after use.
4, spray molding wall in the construction process, with a certain material plastic bubble gap, with other materials do not have the active function, that is, suction, sound absorption effect. Especially in the continuous rainy days to the room humid gas can have a better absorption effect.
5, has a certain moisturizing and fireproof performance.
6. This material is a natural component. For indoor ambient air detection, the data value is larger than the standard value of cement mortar detection for painting, and it is a pollution-free product.
7, the energy-saving effect is good, to avoid the use of yellow sand materials on the conventional site caused by Yang dust, and the construction site of raw materials piled up a smaller area of the site.
8. The material is a mechanical spraying construction process, and the workload of each shift/day is above 400m2, which can effectively improve the quality of the construction period and avoid the large demand for labor during conventional mortar painting construction.
9, the machine spray type gypsum mortar wall, such as the later need to re-buried pipe, equipment modification and other repair, will not produce wall shell and holding phenomenon.
10, can be used in cast-in-place concrete, aerated concrete, polystyrene board and a variety of insulation slurry and fly ash brick products.

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