How to avoid putty off powder?

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How to avoid putty off powder?

putty off powder, showing no bonding strength putty.
There are several reasons for putty powder:
1, product quality is not good.
2, the grass-roots water absorption rate is too high (the wall is too dry), resulting in putty drying speed is very fast, there is not enough water to cure, resulting in powder.
3, in the summer high temperature, the moisture volatilizes quickly, the surface layer is not enough moisture for curing, and thus easy to powder.
4, the temperature is relatively low, putty is not completely dry to polish the surface of putty.
The solution:
1. The most important thing is that the product quality must pass, that is, the strength of the putty itself, moisture resistance and water resistance are better;
2. The water absorption rate of the base surface is too high, or in summer or under the condition of high temperature and strong wind, it is better to wet the wall surface with clear water before batching putty, or brush the interface of moisture-proof reinforcement agent for the interior wall of Degao, and then batch putty.
3. After the surface of the putty is polished, the surface structure of the putty has been destroyed at this time. The primer and topcoat of the wall paint or wallpaper should be painted as soon as possible.
4. If powder has been dropped in a small area of the local area, the floating ash can be disposed of with a wet towel in minor cases, then the interface can be treated with a reinforcement agent, and then the new putty can be used for batch scraping and repairing.
5. If the putty layer is seriously pulverized, it is recommended to wipe out the putty again after the whole is treated with the reinforcement interface.

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