How to buy rubber powder manufacturers

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How to buy rubber powder manufacturers

Rubber powderIt is a kind of powder granular material, so the particle size (specific surface area), surface morphology and group and its own composition will have an important impact on its performance. The finer the rubber powder, the better its performance. The finer the rubber powder, the closer the tensile strength, elongation and abrasion of the vulcanized rubber are to those without rubber powder. The fatigue resistance, crack resistance and other properties are higher than the non-rubber powder, the finer the greater the improvement. The quality of the rubber powder can also be generally understood through a simple film-forming experiment.
Rubber powder is a powder dispersion produced and processed by modified polymer emulsion. It has good redispersibility and can be re-emulsified into stable polymer emulsion after adding water. Its chemical energy is exactly the same as that of the initial emulsion. Therefore, it is possible to produce high-quality dry-mixed mortar, which can obviously improve the bonding ability (micro-permeable bonding) and tensile strength of the bonding mortar with extruded board, and has good anti-falling, water retention and thickening construction performance, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, heat aging resistance, simple ingredients, easy to use. Rubber powder appearance is white, light yellow, no discomfort smell, no visible impurities. Products are widely used in all kinds of mortar products, and in which the main thickening, stability, cohesion, reconciliation and so on. It is widely used in bonding mortar and anti-cracking mortar wall materials, and can greatly improve product quality. The same product has different requirements for the quality level of rubber powder.
Xindadi redispersible latex powder has many years of production and research and development experience, the company has professional production and research and development personnel, regular sampling inspection every day to ensure the stability and quality of the product. The company has established its own office and dealer network in many places to meet the needs of customers to a greater extent.

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