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New Earth Helps Sponge City

As a place where more than half of the world's human beings live, cities are constantly creating the fruits of modern civilization, but they are also consuming a lot of the earth's resources and destroying the earth's ecological balance. Especially in the past 2. three decades, global ecological and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Not only are environmental disasters such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, global forest crisis and toxic substance pollution impacting the earth where we live together, but energy scarcity is also threatening the survival of mankind. The emergence of permeable floor effectively solves this environmental problem, through water seepage, drainage, water storage, use, forming a complete set of rainwater collection and utilization system, solve the urban waterlogging at the same time, but also effectively improve the ecological environment, and the use of the lack of fresh water resources, alleviate the city's fresh water crisis, to create an ecological and environmental protection of the city.
Permeable concrete road is developed and used by Europe, America, Japan and other countries in view of the defects of the original urban road pavement, which can make rainwater flow into the underground, effectively replenish groundwater, and alleviate some urban environmental problems such as the sharp decline of the urban groundwater level. Permeable concrete road can effectively eliminate the harm of oil compounds on the ground to the environment; at the same time, permeable concrete road is an excellent pavement material to protect groundwater, maintain ecological balance and alleviate urban heat island effect; it is conducive to the benign development of human living environment and urban rainwater management and water pollution prevention and control work, has special significance.
With the development of social economy and the process of urban construction, the surface of modern cities is gradually covered by reinforced concrete buildings and impervious pavement. Compared with natural soil, modern surface brings a series of problems to cities. In our country, this kind of problem is relatively serious. Impervious pavement hinders the infiltration of rainwater, which blocks the supplement of rainwater to groundwater, and the excessive extraction of groundwater, urban ground is prone to subsidence. The traditional urban pavement is an impermeable structure, and rainwater is drained through the road surface, and the discharge capacity is limited. When encountering heavy rain or heavy rain, rainwater is easy to collect on the pavement, and a large number of rainwater is concentrated on the motor vehicle and bicycle lanes, resulting in a large area of water on the pavement. Pervious concrete road system has a series of color formula,Shandong Xindadi GroupR & D and production of permeable concrete cement in accordance with the technical ratio, with the design of creativity, for different environmental and individual requirements of the decorative style of laying construction. This is a special paving material that traditional paving and general permeable bricks cannot achieve. Not only in the use of performance to eliminate the problem of road surface water, some of its color collocation is to meet the modern aesthetic.

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