Construction Site of Jinan Iron and Steel Huayue City Model Project

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Construction Site of Jinan Iron and Steel Huayue City Model Project

On October 14, 2016, the model project of Jinan Iron and Steel Huayue City Project started construction under the on-site command of General Manager Sun himself. The project is a high-grade residential area of about 500000 square meters undertaken by China Construction Eighth Bureau. The model project adopts mechanized construction, which is convenient and fast, and is especially suitable for the construction of large-scale high-rise buildings. The construction of this model project has attracted customers from Zhengzhou and (Vanke Group) to visit and study, after on-the-spot investigation, the customer has strengthened the trust and recognition of our company's thick-layer self-leveling products.
Thick layer self-leveling is suitable for new civil and industrial buildings using ultra-flat fast hard thick layer self-leveling as the ground surface layer or leveling layer of indoor floor engineering, suitable for new and civil buildings have indoor floor engineering renovation and renovation and floor heating, floor heating project. And in the application has an absolute advantage:
1, large-area mechanized construction, labor saving;
2, the construction thickness of 20-50mm no cracking phenomenon, shrinkage rate is less than or equal to five parts per million;
3, the flatness reaches 3 meters, the height difference is less than 2mm;
4. After 2 hours of summer construction/8 hours of winter construction, people can be used;
5, without the traditional method of maintenance;
6, after construction does not need to polish, without traditional methods of maintenance.

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