Construction Technology of Self-leveling Cement

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Construction Technology of Self-leveling Cement

The so-calledself-levelingCementAfter adding water to cement and other processing materials, it becomes a slurry that can flow automatically. Quickly level the uneven terrain. But in the cement self leveling operation, it is not so simple, we must understand the construction process, in addition, in the construction of cement self leveling, attention is also very important, only to understand these, in order to better carry out the cement self leveling operation.
cement self leveling construction technology:
1, check the ground humidity, confirm the ground dry; check the ground flatness, confirm the ground level; check the ground hardness, the ground should be no cracks. Thoroughly clean the ground, remove all kinds of dirt on the ground, such as paint, oil and paint and so on. Fully grind the ground.
2, thoroughly absorb the dust. The interface agent is coated with a foam drum and mixed with water 1:1, with an amount of about 100-150 grams per square meter. After the coating of the interface agent, it is necessary to wait for 1-3 hours and maintain good ventilation to make it completely dry. Then self leveling construction.
3. A package of Xindadi commercial self-leveling cement (25kg) should be poured into a mixing barrel containing 6-6.5kg of clean cold water, and stirred with an electric drill with slurry until a uniform fluid mixture is formed. It must be ensured that there are no lumps. Then quickly pour the mixture evenly into the construction area, use a rake to evenly distribute the self-leveling, and use a roller to roll and pull to release the air. Pay attention to reasonable arrangement of construction personnel, to ensure that within 15 minutes will be mixed a bag of self leveling cement construction. The completion of the need for mm thickness, about 24 hours later, the self-leveling cement dry completely, 1-2 days after the floor can be laid.

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