The difference between cement self-leveling and epoxy self-leveling

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The difference between cement self-leveling and epoxy self-leveling

What we need to know in our life is that we need level on our ground. When we do it, there will be such things as self-leveling. Then the problem comes. How should we do self-leveling the ground? How to do self-leveling the ground is good. No matter what our previous ground was like, however, self-leveling the ground is a very good ground, this ground can give us a good visual impact, can also improve our taste of life. And now with the corresponding self-leveling floor epoxy self-leveling is also a hot choice of the object, then the cement self-leveling and epoxy self-leveling the difference is what:
cement self leveling and epoxy self leveling of distinction:
1, cement self-leveling using high-grade cement as the base material, single component, the construction of water; epoxy self-leveling using saturated epoxy resin as the base material, the use of curing agent for two components, the construction of the basic do not add other accessories.
2. Cement self-leveling is formed in one construction, with a thickness of 2-4mm; epoxy self-leveling requires multiple scraping, and the final thickness is 3-5mm.
3, cement self leveling cement characteristics, relatively hard; epoxy self leveling only after adding aggregate can reflect the hardness.
4. Cement self-leveling is mainly used for ground repair and decoration; epoxy self-leveling is used in laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, electronic and electrical workshops and other occasions with high indoor cleanliness requirements.
5, cement self-leveling price is low; epoxy self-leveling price is higher square meters.
From the above, we can see such a thing very well, that is, the self-leveling ground is better than other ground. What we need to know is that the self-leveling ground is different from other ground. Regardless of its quality or price and other aspects, we all know that the self-leveling ground is our best choice, which is also well reflected, when we are doing it, how should we do it? There is simply a self-leveling floor that is a good decoration material.

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