What are the advantages of self leveling cement mortar compared with ordinary mortar

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What are the advantages of self leveling cement mortar compared with ordinary mortar

Self-leveling mortar is composed of a variety of active ingredients of dry-mixed powdery materials, field mixing water can be used. A high flat base surface can be obtained by slightly opening the scraper. The hardening speed is fast, and it can walk on the ground in 24 hours, or carry out subsequent projects (such as wood flooring, diamond board, etc.). The construction is fast and simple, which is incomparable to traditional manual leveling. Self leveling mortar using safety, no pollution, beautiful, rapid construction and investment is the characteristics of self leveling cement. It promotes the civilized construction process, creates excellent comfortable and flat space, and the paving of diversified and beautiful decorative materials, adding brilliant colors to the day. Self leveling mortar is widely used, can be used in industrial plants, workshops, storage, commercial stores, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, hospitals, all kinds of open space, office, etc., but also for home, villa, warm small space. Can be used as a finish layer, can also be used as a wear-resistant bottom.
excellent leveling mortar:
1, the construction is simple and easy to add appropriate water can form an approximate free fluid slurry, can quickly open and obtain high flatness floor.
2. The construction speed is fast and the economic benefit is great. It is 5-10 times higher than the traditional manual leveling, and it can be used for traffic and load in a short time, which greatly shortens the construction period.
3, pre-mixed goods, the quality is uniform and stable, the construction site is clean and tidy, conducive to civilized construction, is a green commodity.
4, good anti-moisture, strong protection of the opposite layer, strong practicability, wide range of application.
3) Usefulness:
1, as epoxy floor, polyurethane floor, PVC coil, sheet, rubber floor, solid wood floor, diamond board and other high flat base surface.
2, is a modern hospital mute dustproof floor PVC coil paving must use flat base material.
3, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, fine electronics factory clean room, dust-free floor, hardened floor, antistatic floor and other base layer.
4, kindergarten, tennis courts, such as polyurethane elastic floor base layer.
5, as the industrial plant acid and alkali resistant floor, wear-resistant floor base layer.
6. Robot trajectory surface layer.
7. Flat base surface of home floor decoration.
8. All kinds of wide space are leveled as a whole. Such as airport halls, hotels, hypermarkets, department stores, conference halls, exhibition bases, large offices, parking lots, etc. can quickly complete the high flat floor.
Characteristics of self-leveling mortar
1. The construction is simple, convenient and quick.
2, wear-resistant, economical, environmental protection (industrial type has a few pollution, household type no)
3, excellent liquidity, active and accurate leveling on the ground.
4, 3-4 hours after the person can walk; 24 hours after the light traffic can be opened.
5, do not add elevation, the upper layer is 2-5mm thin, saving data and reducing costs.
6, outstanding adhesion, flat, not empty drum.
7, widely used in civil, commercial indoor ground fine leveling.
8, harmless to the human body, no radiation.
Understand the main performance and process of self leveling mortar, you can know that self leveling mortar can be paved with many materials, such as wood flooring, linen carpet or ceramic tile can be obtained, because self leveling mortar can greatly ensure that the ground has a good visual effect, strong compression resistance, durability is inevitable, and can effectively avoid cracking on the floor surface.

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