Construction process of cement self-leveling ground

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Construction process of cement self-leveling ground

Cement self leveling ground is a common way of decoration, as the basic level of wood, PVC floor, cement self leveling ground is very durable, and the construction is relatively simple, but some people do not understand the construction method of cement self leveling ground, so some difficulties in operation, so what is the construction method of cement self leveling ground.
Cement self leveling ground construction method:
1, grass-roots treatment: before the construction of grass-roots concrete strength shall be ≥ C20, uneven places, cracks and holes should be processed in advance, and then the base surface of the scattered debris to remove clean, must keep the surface hard, smooth and clean. Ordinary cement new concrete base needs to be self leveling construction after 21 days of construction, and the new concrete base of sulphoaluminate cement construction should be self leveling construction within 7 days after completion.
2. Interface treatment: if it is a non-absorbent smooth base, it is recommended to do chisel or pull hair treatment. Use the roller brush on the base surface. When the surface is not sticky, self leveling construction can be carried out.
3, mixing: small area construction, available small electric mixer (200~500 r/min), mixing in the barrel, each mixing a complete package of materials; large area construction, available high-speed mixer, mortar pumping method of construction. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the bucket, turn on the mixer and stir while slowly adding a pack (preferably within 1 minute), stir for 1-2 minutes, stand still for about 1 minute, and then stir again until the slurry is uniform and free.
4. Pouring and leveling: pour out the stirred material and spread it evenly. Use a special tooth scraper to control the thickness. Construction personnel can wear nail shoes and enter the construction ground. Use the tooth scraper to level the mortar surface layer to eliminate the unevenness of the dumping joint and maintain the required thickness. Gently roll with the air release roller to eliminate bubbles generated during stirring. The mixed mortar shall be used up as soon as possible.
5, maintenance: normal temperature conditions can not be maintained, high temperature or low temperature conditions can be appropriate maintenance.
Self-leveling cement is divided into two types: bottom layer and surface layer, and bottom layer self-leveling cement is divided into two types: ordinary and high strength. What we introduce is mainly to lay PVC sports floor on top of self-leveling cement, which is also the most done scheme at present. The price and construction of self-leveling cement for common cushion layer are relatively cheap. If the surface layer self-leveling is used directly after the self-leveling cement is finished, the price will be much higher. According to the actual needs and local market choice.

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