A Simple Method to Identify the Quality of Redispersible Emulsion Powder

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A simple method to identify the quality of redispersible latex powder

A Simple Method to Identify the Quality of Redispersible Emulsion Powder
Use basic performance to identify its quality
Appearance: 1, the appearance should be white free flowing uniform powder, no irritating smell. Possible quality performance: abnormal color; containing impurities; especially coarse particles; abnormal odor.
2. Ash content: analysis of reasons for high ash content, including improper raw materials and high inorganic content.
3. Moisture content: reasons for abnormally high moisture content, high fresh products, poor production process and improper raw materials; high storage products and water-absorbing substances.
4, pH value: pH value is abnormal, if there is no special technical description, there may be abnormal process or material.
5, iodine solution color test: iodine solution encountered starch will become indigo, through the iodine solution color test to detect whether the powder mixed with starch.
Method of operation
1 the redispersible emulsion powder to take a small amount of water mixed with plastic bottles, observe the dispersion speed, whether there are suspended particles and precipitation. In the case of more water and less rubber powder, it should be dispersed quickly and should not have suspended particles and precipitation.
2 the redispersible latex powder with a small amount of water with fingers rub spread, should feel fine and no particles.
3 the redispersible latex powder with a small amount of water coated open, let it natural drying film after observation, should be free of impurities, toughness and elasticity. The film formed by this method cannot be tested for water resistance, because the protective colloid is not separated. After cement and quartz sand are mixed into the film, the protective colloid polyvinyl alcohol is saponified by alkali and adsorbed and separated by quartz sand. After the film is formed, it will not be dispersed twice when it meets water, and the water resistance test can be done.
4 according to the formula to make experimental products, observe the effect
The above is only a simple method, can not completely identify good or bad, but can be preliminary identification. The redispersible latex powder with particles may be mixed with heavy calcium. The redispersible latex powder without particles does not mean that it is not mixed with anything. The dissolution of light calcium in water cannot be seen. Specific parameters and data still need professional equipment and testing to have a comprehensive understanding of the product.

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