What are the causes of putty powder off?

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What are the causes of putty powder off?

what are the causes of putty powder off?
1. The bonding strength of putty powder is not enough, resulting in low bonding strength or small addition amount of putty powder, especially for interior wall putty, the size of the bonding strength, the quality and addition amount of interior wall putty powder have a great relationship.
2. The quality of calcium ash has a great relationship. Calcium ash contains too many impurities, or the ratio of CaO and Ca(OH)2 in calcium ash is inappropriate
3. The design formula is unreasonable. The addition ratio of talc powder, gray calcium powder or hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is unreasonable.
4. The problem of material selection and structure is very important in putty formula. For example, hpmc is used as non-waterproof putty for interior walls. Although HPMC is very expensive, it does not work on filling materials such as double fly powder, talcum powder and wollastonite powder. If only HPMC is used, it will cause dedusting. However, CMC and CMS with low price will not be used as waterproof putty, nor can they be used as exterior wall putty, because CMC and CMS will cause dedusting cement reaction. There are also polyacrylamide added to gray calcium powder, white cement as waterproof coating, will also be a chemical reaction caused by powder.
5. Production process errors caused by putty powder. If the mixing mixer does not have the function of cleaning and there is more residue, CMC in ordinary putty will react with gray calcium powder in waterproof putty, CMC in interior wall putty, CMS and white cement in exterior wall putty will react to cause powder removal.
6. The different quality of the filling material is also easy to cause dedusting. A large number of filling materials are used for internal and external wall putty, but the contents of CO2 and CO3 in heavy calcium powder and talcum powder are different in different places, and the different pH value will also cause dedusting of putty. For example, the interior wall putty powder in Chongqing and Chengdu uses the same putty powder, but talcum powder and heavy calcium powder are different. They do not take off the powder in Chongqing, they do not take off the powder in Chengdu, they do not take off the powder in Henan and northeast, and they take off the powder in other areas.
7. The cause of the weather is also a reason for the internal and external wall putty powder, such as internal and external wall putty, in some arid areas in the north, the climate is dry, ventilation is good, putty finish film fast, not powder. However, it is not possible in the south, especially in some areas of the south, where there is rainy weather, long-term humidity, poor film-forming property of putty, and it will also take off powder. Therefore, some areas are suitable for waterproof putty with ash and calcium powder.
8. Grey calcium powder, white cement and other inorganic binder is not pure, mixed with a large number of double fly powder. Many gray calcium powder and white cement on the market are impure, because these impure inorganic binders are widely used, and the waterproof putty for internal and external walls must be depowdered and not waterproof.
9. In summer, the water retention of putty on the exterior wall is not enough, especially in high-rise doors of buildings, windows and other high-temperature and ventilated places. If the initial setting time of ash calcium powder and cement is not enough, the water will be lost, and if the maintenance is not good, the powder will be seriously removed.

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