Emery wear-resistant floor construction quality control measures

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Emery wear-resistant floor construction quality control measures

Emery wear-resistant floor construction quality control measures
1 to strengthen the operator skills training and pre-job assessment
(1) According to the actual situation of the project to develop training plans and training courses, teaching materials for emery wear-resistant floor construction points, related construction acceptance standards and construction experience of similar projects.
(2) The project department shall organize relevant management personnel and technical backbones to explain the drawing requirements, quality standards, construction characteristics and attention problems of the project, and then senior technicians with skilled and experienced various types of work shall train the special operation techniques of this type of work in combination with the specifications and demonstrate the actual operation methods.
(3) a week before the construction of the wear-resistant floor of this project, the relevant operators involved in the construction are required to participate in relevant training before entering the site, and conduct professional theoretical knowledge and practical operation skills assessment. Only after passing the assessment can they participate in the construction of the wear-resistant floor of this project.
2 Concrete pouring and curing
(1) According to the actual situation of the project, the special concrete construction scheme shall be prepared before concrete construction, and the concrete pouring sequence shall be explained in the scheme. Concrete pouring shall be carried out in separate bins and in sequence, and shall be poured to the design elevation at one time as much as possible, so as to avoid the hollow of surface layer and cushion layer caused by two pouring.
(2) Draw a schematic diagram of the separation according to the layout of the garage. The width of the sub-warehouse is 6m, and the center line of the frame column is located at the sub-warehouse separation.
(3) The formwork shall be supported according to the design elevation to ensure that the edges of the formwork are aligned and the formwork shall not be run during paving. During concrete paving, ensure that the surface is vibrated and compacted, and no stones are exposed on the surface. Finally, the concrete surface is leveled with rolling bar or scraping ruler, and the edge of the template is rubbed with wooden trowel.
(4) Arrange a person to use a level to detect the flatness at any time to confirm that the flatness of the concrete surface meets the requirements (general deviation ± 4mm).
(5) concrete with special curing agent maintenance, dosage of about 0.2 liters/m2, immediately after the ground repair flat along the ground evenly sprayed, forming a layer of dense water blocking protective film, prevent the concrete itself water evaporation, to achieve the purpose of maintenance. The effect of curing is better than that of general covering watering curing, ensuring the strength and visual quality of concrete.
3 accurately grasp the emery construction insertion time point
(1) Before spreading carborundum, the concrete surface shall be compact and smooth without bleeding.
(2) in the initial setting of concrete, finger pressure test left 3~5mm mark twice along the vertical direction evenly spread carborundum.
(3) When the emery hardening material absorbs the moisture of the concrete and becomes wet, use the trowel to compact and collect the light.
(4) The construction process is monitored by the quality inspector, and the construction process meets the requirements.
4 Strictly control the opening time of transverse contraction seam
(1) Special technical disclosure shall be prepared before joint construction, and written and oral disclosure shall be made to the operators.
(2) by the person responsible for the construction of the surface layer after the completion of the 3d seam, seam depth of 5cm.
(3) Play the thread before opening the seam. When opening the seam, two people cooperate with each other. The speed of travel is moderate. After opening the seam, the contraction seam is straight and beautiful.
(4) The construction process is monitored by the quality inspector, and the construction process meets the requirements.
5 Effect of construction
After taking the above technical measures, the surface of the ground after forming is smooth, flat, consistent color, straight and clear grid joints, good appearance quality, the overall horizontal elevation deviation of the ground is controlled within ± 3mm, and the surface flatness deviation is controlled within 2mm. The wear resistance index of concrete ground with the same strength grade is increased by 200, and the surface Mohs hardness is greater than 7, which meets the design requirements and the construction quality is well received by the owners.

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