What are the common concrete defoamers?

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What are the common concrete defoamers?

Common concrete defoamers are mainly divided into silicone defoamers, polyether defoamers and polyether modified silicon. Silicone defoamer: It is characterized by low surface tension, high surface activity, strong defoaming ability, low dosage and low cost. For most of the bubble medium can defoaming, but as a concrete defoamer when poor compatibility. Polyether defoaming agent: when used as a concrete defoaming agent, it has excellent defoaming and anti-foaming functions and good compatibility, but the defoaming effect is slightly weaker than that of silicone. Polyether modified silicon: Polyether modified silicon combines the advantages of silicone and polyether defoamers, and has the advantages of strong defoaming ability, good compatibility and low addition amount, but the price is higher than the other two categories.
The use of defoaming agents reduces waste and defective products, and improves the quality of the final product. Now let's learn about the four major use characteristics of defoamer
1. Eliminate foam: The foam can be quickly eliminated after use, which can reduce the impact of harmful substances on the environment. It can quickly play a role in defoaming in the process of defoaming, and after use, it can also The appearance of the foam plays a certain role in suppressing and improving the performance of the use.
2. simple to use: in the use of the process is very simple, only need to be placed in the water can be used. In addition, nonionic surfactants are widely used and can improve the efficiency of industrial production.
Use environment: In the process of use, it can be used in various environments, and will not be unable to use due to the influence of the environment, and can be used in high temperature, high pressure and other environments.
4. Storage safety: in the process of not using, can also be stored, can be stored for a long time without damage, improve the effect of eliminating foam on the surface of articles

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