Putty powder foaming causes and solutions

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Putty powder foaming causes and solutions

Putty powder foaming causes and solutions

Putty powder is a kind of building decoration materials, the main component is talcum powder and glue, is the most critical component of putty, mainly from bonding and other functions. The most commonly used putty binder is cement and organic polymer, organic polymer emulsion and latex powder. Putty powder foaming is inevitable, because the putty powder contains binders, active agents and other additives, and these additives will produce a lot of bubbles during operation.
Putty powder foaming is easy to cause paint, latex paint in the construction of quality problems.
Defoaming agent is suitable for defoaming under the conditions of strong acid and alkali. Putty powder defoaming agent can maintain a good physical state under these conditions. It does not break milk, does not bleach oil, and defoaming has stronger defoaming and antifoaming effect than normal temperature. Defoaming is rapid, antifoaming is lasting, non-toxic and tasteless, and will not cause any pollution to the environment. When using this product, the defoaming agent is used, the dosage is small and the use cost is low. Can be directly added to the foaming system, before use to stir evenly, it is recommended to add 0.05 to 0.3, the final amount to be determined according to the results of use. Because the foaming properties of various systems are different, there are many reasons for foaming, and the root causes of foaming should be found to be solved.
The problems that can be avoided by adding water-based defoamers to coatings are mainly the following:
1, the bubble will affect the production schedule and product output.
2. Too many bubbles are easy to lose production raw materials and increase production costs.
3, the foam will bring different degrees of defects to the finished film.
4. Excessive bubbles will hinder the normal production and smooth construction of the coating.

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