Effect of redispersible emulsion powder in mortar

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Effect of redispersible emulsion powder in mortar

Improving the flexural strength and flexural strength of mortar
Improving the bond strength and cohesion of mortar
Improve the impact resistance, wear resistance and durability of mortar
Improve the weather resistance, freeze-thaw resistance and prevent cracking of mortar
Improve the hydrophobicity of mortar and reduce water absorption
Improving the workability of mortar construction
After the dry-mixed mortar mixed with redispersible latex powder is mixed with water, the modification of the redispersible latex powder to the cement mortar is completed by the redispersion of the rubber powder, the hydration of the cement and the film formation of the latex. The film formation of redispersible latex powder in mortar is roughly divided into three processes:
① After the mortar is mixed with water, the polymer rubber powder is evenly dispersed again into the fresh cement mortar and emulsified again.
② Due to the hydration of cement, surface evaporation and the absorption of the base layer, the free water in the pores of the mortar is continuously consumed, and the movement of latex particles is naturally restricted more and more. The interfacial tension between water and air urges them to gradually arrange in the capillary pores of the cement mortar or the interface area of the mortar base layer. With the mutual contact of latex particles, the network-like water between particles evaporates through capillaries, the resulting high capillary tension applied to the surface of the latex particles causes the emulsion colloids to deform and fuse them together, at which point a latex film is substantially formed.
③Through the diffusion of polymer molecules, the latex particles form a continuous film insoluble in water in the mortar, thereby improving the adhesion to the interface and the modification of the mortar itself.

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