What is VAE powder

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What is VAE powder

Chemical Name: Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
Chemical English name: ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
English abbreviation: EVA
Technical specification code: 1314
CAS No.: 24937-78-8
Formula: (C2H4)x.(C4H6O2)y
Molecular weight: 2000 (average)
EVA classification: ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer is the most important ethylene copolymer products, foreign countries generally referred to as EVA. But in our country, according to the different content of vinyl acetate, ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer is divided into EVA resin, EVA rubber and VAE emulsion. Products with vinyl acetate content less than 40% are EVA resins; Products with vinyl acetate content of 40% ~ 70% are very flexible. Rich in elastic characteristics, people sometimes call EVA resin with this content range EVA rubber; The vinyl acetate content is usually in emulsion state within the range of 70% ~ 95%, which is called VAE emulsion. VAE emulsion appearance is milky white or slightly yellow.
According to the different content of VA, EVA is divided into the following three categories:
⑴ EVA resin: VA content is below 40%, synthesized by high-pressure bulk method, and can be synthesized by high-pressure polyethylene device. The most commonly used is the VA content of 18% and 28% of the brand; its performance is close to the resin, mainly used in plastics and modified materials, can be used to manufacture injection molding products, cables, films, foam soles, etc.
(2) EVA elastomer: VA content in the range of 40 ~ 70%, synthesized by medium pressure solution method. This kind of material is soft and rich in rubber elasticity, low tensile strength and high elongation; it is mainly used for elastomer, PVC toughening agent and auto parts.
⑶ EVA emulsion: VA content in the range of 70-95%, synthesized by emulsion method, is essentially a modified variety of polyvinyl acetate PVAC. The product is emulsion-like, mainly used for adhesives, coatings, etc.

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