What role does redispersible latex powder play in mortar products?

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What role does redispersible latex powder play in mortar products?

redispersible latex powderWhat role does it play in mortar products?
Redispersible latex powder is a general term for modified latex powder, which can be reduced to a powder in the dispersion of dry powder emulsion. The polymer emulsion is properly spray dried (with the appropriate additives) to form a powdered polymer. The polymer dry powder and water become emulsion, which can be dehydrated again during the setting and hardening process of cement mortar, so that the polymer particles form a polymer body structure in the cement mortar, which is similar to the polymer emulsion process and plays a role in the modification of cement mortar. The significance of the birth of redispersible rubber powder: compared with polymer emulsion, polymer emulsion should consider the configuration, stability, amount of addition and other issues of emulsion, and antifreeze, easy packaging, light weight, convenient transportation and economy, will not produce mold, easy storage and so on. It can be mixed with cement sand and other single-component ready-mixed mortar, and can be mixed with water when used.
   redispersible latex powderThe components:
Polymer resin: located in the core part of the powder particles, but also the main component of redispersible latex powder, such as polyvinyl acetate, vinyl resin
Additives (internal): together with the resin to modify the role of the resin, for example, to increase the film forming temperature of the plasticizer.
Protective colloid: a hydrophilic material wrapped on the surface of redispersible latex powder particles, most of which are polyvinyl alcohol.
Additives (External): Additional materials are added to further extend the properties of the redispersible latex powder. Such as adding super water reducing agent in some of the flow of rubber powder.
Anti-caking agent: fine mineral filler, mainly used to prevent rubber powder from caking during storage and transportation, and to facilitate the flow of rubber powder.

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