What are the pilot sections in Jinan Sponge City

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What are the pilot sections in Jinan Sponge City

Jinan City pilot and promotion of some projects outside the region has been implemented sponge city construction, to normal change. For example, in terms of urban water system, Daxin River, Hancang River and other urban water system projects; In terms of garden green space, mountain park projects such as Yaoshan and Langmao Mountain; In terms of road traffic, road reconstruction projects such as Fenghuang Road, the eastern section of Tourist Road and Wei12 Road; In terms of construction areas, construction areas such as Wanhong Square and Shanshui Washington are under construction. Clear urban water system, garden green space, road traffic, building community construction and transformation tasks, Jinan's sponge city construction began to change to the normalization of the city area.
The general public and all walks of life are very concerned about the construction of sponge city. "Lixia District Metallurgical Hotel Road and roads near Sangongqiao in Tianqiao District fully implement the concept of sponge city construction. Citizens use this as a standard to promote the implementation of projects under construction and new construction within the city to implement full coverage of sponge city construction,
On July 30, 2015, Jinan's first sponge road-the sponge road in the eastern section of the tourist tour was completed and opened to traffic. In fact, it is not within the scope of the pilot area, but the municipal builders of Jinan City fully implemented the concept of sponge city construction based on the characteristics along the line. The first time to create a unique "sponge" test section. Through the implementation of sponge measures such as permeable greenways, high standing stones, planting grass ditches, etc., the first road "sponge" is vividly presented to the citizens, realizing the green construction of gray projects, and creating a greenway with high standards.
The northern section of Fenghuang Road is also a beneficial attempt outside the pilot construction area. Eight "SpongeBob SquarePants" will be built on the 2.24-kilometer section according to local conditions, especially the 1-kilometer sponge test section in the northern section, which will be basically completed and unveiled in August 2015. The total annual runoff control rate will exceed 75%, and 90000 cubic meters of rainwater can be retained throughout the year, equivalent to the water volume of 48 swimming pools.
The extension area of Jixi is about 62 square kilometers, and there are many water systems such as wetlands, reservoirs, leakage zones, and rivers in the area, which is a typical water ecological sensitive area. The promotion area has comprehensively sorted out 40-60 sponge renovation construction projects to ensure that all projects will be completed and put into use by December 2018. Including the comprehensive treatment project of Yufu River according to local conditions, the comprehensive treatment project of Lashan River, the comprehensive treatment project of Xiaoqing River source, Xingfu Temple Park, Lashan Hexi Road, Binzhou Road, Yantai Road West Extension Project, Jishui Shangyuan, the second phase of the second plot of the first district, Jinan Dajin Sewage Treatment Plant, impression of Jinan and other 11 projects. As a pilot project from 2015 to 2016, it covers multiple construction sites such as water system, greening, municipal administration, housing construction, and wetlands, and will be completed in July 2016.

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