Self-leveling construction steps

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Self-leveling construction steps

1. construction content:
The concrete pouring party pours the concrete, and immediately:
1. Remove bleeding and confirm that the level reaches the elevation
2. Wear-resistant aggregate construction
3. Brushing curing agent (excluding shrinkage joint cutting of concrete floor)
2. construction steps
1. Construction process
Check flatness-weeping-first spreading wear-resistant material-machine polishing-second spreading wear-resistant material-machine polishing-machine polishing-apply ground curing agent
2. Construction steps
a. Check the flatness
Check the flatness of the ground after concrete construction, use the level detector, and measure the table.
Whether the surface flatness meets the requirements. (Responsible by the civil construction unit)
B, to bleed
After the flatness meets the requirements, the rubber tube shall be used to remove the excess bleeding before the initial setting of the concrete.
C, the first spreading wear-resistant material
During the initial setting of concrete, 60% wear-resistant material shall be evenly spread on the concrete surface after the laitance is removed.
D, machine grinding
Such as wear-resistant materials to absorb a certain amount of water, at least two times to install the disc mechanical trowel operation.
E, the second spread wear-resistant material
When the first wear-resistant material is cured to a certain extent, the second spreading operation is carried out, and the dosage is 40% of the specified dosage.
F, machine grinding
After the second spreading material, the wear-resistant material will absorb a certain amount of water, and then at least four times to install the disc mechanical trowel operation. Mechanical trowel operation should be vertical and horizontal staggered.
G, machine wipe light
According to the hardening of the ground, at least three additional spatula mechanical trowel operation. The operating speed of the machine and the change of the angle of the iron plate should be adjusted according to the hardening of the ground, and the operation should be carried out vertically and horizontally. The final modification is completed by mechanical trowel processing.
h. Apply ground curing agent
5-6 hours after the completion of the wear-resistant material ground (according to climate adjustment), the method of coating curing agent on its surface is adopted. Maintenance, in order to prevent the rapid evaporation of water on the surface of the floor, to ensure the steady growth of the strength of wear-resistant materials, and to prevent the role of minor pollution, the maintenance period is 7 days.
3. Precautions for construction of wear-resistant materials
A, wear-resistant materials in the late stage of the construction of the operation should wear waterproof paper shoes to enter.
B, powder must be evenly (including 60% for the first time and 40% for the second time), and scrape with a ruler after spreading wear-resistant materials.
C, the corners of the hand trowel after treatment can not have obvious knife marks.
D, after the completion of the area can not have mechanical knife marks
E, must deal with the block and block seams, can not have bad points
F, curing agent must be evenly coated

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