How to deal with the ground sand for self leveling foundation

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How to deal with the ground sand for self leveling foundation

Self-leveling construction foundation ground sand how to deal

80% of the foundation ground in China has the phenomenon of turning sand (sand), which is a great challenge for us to make pvc floor. Many construction sites have caused us great trouble and even cannot pick up the project. Let me sort out some methods to share with you.
Sand ground cause analysis:
Ground sand causes
There are many reasons for ground sand: insufficient cement grade, too fine sand containing too much soil, too large water-cement ratio during batching, untimely watering and maintenance, etc. may all cause ground sand. There are several common causes of sand:
1. Excessive water or uneven mixing of concrete and mortar will cause separation and reaction until sand peeling occurs on the surface.
2. The surface calendering times are not enough, the pressure is not real, and water precipitation and sand appear.
3. The calendering time is not well controlled, or the surface layer of mortar is damaged and sand is formed after calendering after final setting.
4. The use of cement strength grade is too low, resulting in not up to the required strength grade.
5. The use of sand aggregate gradation is too fine, resulting in the strength of the requirements of the grade.
6. improper curing, cement concrete in the curing period due to moisture or external factors affect the normal curing of cement.
When the ground is sanding, we should not rush to coat the interface agent for self-leveling. We must first deal with the sand-turning problem of the foundation ground. Sand-turning ground treatment requires cost. We must first communicate with Party A and increase the cost of handling the foundation ground in pvc floor engineering. First of all, the garbage on the ground (such as putty powder, wall paint, etc.) clean up. Then with high permeability cement curing agent for curing treatment (such as cement curing agent, epoxy resin curing agent, etc.), high permeability curing agent directly sprayed on the concrete surface, infiltrated into the concrete interior, activation of cement hydration reaction, under the action of silicide, the free state of the concrete lime particles will form a granite-like hard crystals, so as to obtain a dust-free, dense whole, effectively improve the strength, density and wear resistance of the concrete surface. Extend the service life of concrete ground for more than 10 years. At the same time does not affect the use of the original ground.
If the foundation ground sands and shells, which seriously affects the foundation ground, the foundation ground needs to be rebuilt.

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