Emery wear-resistant flooring product advantages

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Emery wear-resistant flooring product advantages

Repair mortar: repair concrete spalling, defects in concrete components, etc.
Product advantages:
a. Stable quality
B. According to different repair parts, with targeted construction performance
c. Low shrinkage, volume stability
d. Excellent bonding force to ensure repair quality
E. special anti permeability, anti corrosion formula, can be used for coastal building repair
F. non-toxic, environmental protection
g. Add water can be used, simple and convenient
h. The road repair formula has abrasion resistance and prevents the erosion of snow removal agent salt water
I. High resistance to strain
j. Reduce carbon dioxide penetration and increase the durability of the repaired surface
k. The special early strength formula can make the repair mortar have high strength in the short term and high construction efficiency
Emery floor and art floor: used for wear-resistant and dustproof industrial ground, such as: warehouse, dock, factory, parking lot, maintenance workshop, garage, etc
Product advantages:
a. Excellent wear resistance, 3-5 times that of ordinary mortar or concrete
B. Eliminate dust pollution, maintain clean air, less pollution
c. Has excellent impact resistance
d. Can make the original base bear greater load
E. the surface is fine, oil and water are not easy to penetrate
F. through the process, can improve the anti skid ability, improve the safety of ground use
g. No hollowing, peeling and peeling problems
h. Excellent fire resistance
I. has a conductive function to prevent people or goods from the occurrence of static electricity (conductive electrostatic formula)
J. color is rich, can be a variety of beautification processing through the mold
k. Fast construction speed, short solidification time, continuous construction with the base material, shorten the construction period
l. Ideal economy and practicality
m. floor durability, long service life

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