New earth 26 permeable concrete training hot registration

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New earth 26 permeable concrete training hot registration

With the continuous development of sponge city construction projects, permeable concrete is becoming more and more popular. While the country is helping sponge cities in full swing, permeable concrete construction technicians are in short supply. In order to help customers learn pervious concrete technology more intuitively and effectively, Shandong Xindadi Group held free training on pervious concrete at the production base of Taian Feicheng in Shandong Province on the 26th of each month. Friends are welcome to come and learn.
The training site will have our company's technical personnel to explain the relevant technical knowledge, and the site construction can have a more intuitive understanding of the construction process. At that time, there will be a large number of relevant personnel in the same industry, which is also a good platform for mutual exchange. Our company has successfully held three phases of permeable concrete training, which has helped many friends. The fourth phase of permeable concrete training will be held on June 26, 2016. New friends are welcome to join and communicate with each other.
New Dadi Group's Fourth Permeable Concrete Training
Time: June 26, 2016
Location: Yiyang Industrial Park, Feicheng, Tai'an, Shandong

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