Application and advantages of waterproof mortar and grouting material

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Application and advantages of waterproof mortar and grouting material

Waterproof dry mortar: used for waterproofing of basements, concrete roofs/slabs, tunnels, tunnels, swimming pool walls, sewage treatment tanks, drinking water tanks, bathrooms, balconies, and platform walls and floors, etc.
Product advantages:
a. The coating is dense, breathable and impervious to water
B. coating high strength, short solidification period (fast drying early strong, only 24 hours)
C. strong adhesion, volume stability, low shrinkage, to prevent cracking, coating impermeability, long-term soaking in water
D. non-toxic, tasteless, otherwise, environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, can be directly pasted on the coating tile/mosaic and decorative panel, can be constructed on the wet base surface, not affected by the geometric shape of the base surface
E. add water ready to use, easy construction, easy to ensure the quality of the project
F. good aging resistance, waterproof durability of more than 25 years, is a permanent, no aging waterproof material
g. Can be used in drinking cisterns, swimming pools and other places with strict requirements
H. high strength, save the protection of leveling layer, fast construction, short construction period
I. High water pressure resistance, long-term resistance to high water pressure
J. has good air permeability, can better prevent empty drum and stable structure
Non-shrinkage grouting material: used to fill holes, between the base and the base plate, and also used to fix bolts, steel laps, supports, etc.
Product advantages:
A. factory ready-mixed, water ready-to-use, no segregation, stable quality
B. High liquidity, simple operation, reduce construction errors and ensure project quality
C. with shrinkage compensation performance, volume stability, waterproof crack resistance, freeze-thaw resistance
D. fast hard, high strength, good durability, wide application
E. easy to use, high work efficiency, a lot of time to save
F. use safety, in line with environmental protection

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