The advantages of putty powder in the application of internal and external walls

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The advantages of putty powder in the application of internal and external walls

Wall leveling putty: used for building coating base leveling
The advantages of exterior wall cement leveling putty:
a. Provide a good base surface to reduce the amount of paint and reduce the cost of the project.
B. has a strong bonding force, can be well attached to the base surface
C. has a certain degree of flexibility, can be a good buffer substrate telescopic stress
D. good aging resistance and impermeability, moisture resistance
E. environmental protection, non-toxic, safety
f. Good crack resistance
g. with air permeability
h. Good weather resistance, aging resistance, long durability, adding functional additives can obtain more excellent functions
advantages of interior wall gypsum putty:
a. Strong adhesion
B. Surface decoration
c. Fire performance
d. Thermal insulation performance
E. save time
f. Convenient construction
g. With respiratory function
h. Lightweight
Gypsum joint mortar: used in the joint of plasterboard, cement fiber board and other thin plate keel system
Product advantages:
A. good construction, easy to operate, convenient scraping
B. non-toxic five flavors, is a green building materials
c. No cracking, high strength
D. fine texture smooth, easy to polish
E. has good crack resistance, good workability, easy to stir, easy to operate, easy to fill and scrape; there is enough operation time, dry hard speed, good bonding effect. After treatment, the plate seam is smooth and dense, the plate seam treatment process is less, the amount of putty is saved, and the cost is low.

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