What are the advantages of decorative mortar products

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What are the advantages of decorative mortar products

Decorative mortar and powder coating: can replace the paint and tile for the decoration of the building, do not need a smooth base, can be used for the final decoration, no need for other decorative treatment
Product advantages:
A. natural color texture, visual soft
B. Low cost and high cost performance
C. easy construction, good smear, construction fast and convenient, diverse methods
d. Safety, environmental protection
e. Good adhesion to the substrate
F. good impermeability effect, with low water absorption, high hydrophobicity and resistance to adhesion ability
g. has good air permeability
H. color diversity, interior and exterior wall decoration more interesting and perfect
I. Water-resistant, weather-resistant, wear-resistant and breathable
J. with a certain degree of flexibility, to prevent the coating cracking
K. Expressive force is rich, three-dimensional sense is strong
Floor mortar: floor mortar is also called the bottomself-levelingIt is a ground mortar that is directly bonded to the ground structure
Product advantages:
a. Add water and stir to pump, easy to use
B. High compression and pressure resistance
c. Low shrinkage
d. Excellent bonding force (with interface agent)
E. dry companion products, stable quality
F. large area construction, construction fast, saving labor
G. automatic leveling ground, smooth surface, reduce building load
h. Rapid setting (quick setting system)

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