What are the advantages of thermal insulation mortar?

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What are the advantages of thermal insulation mortar?

Thermal insulation mortar: polystyrene particles add cellulose, rubber powder, fiber and other additives with thermal insulation properties of the mortar
Product advantages:
A. water can be used, convenient construction
B. high bonding strength, not easy to empty drum, fall off
c. Stable physical and mechanical properties, low shrinkage, prevent shrinkage cracking or cracking
D. can be constructed on the wet base surface
E. dry hardening block, short construction period
F. green environmental protection, excellent heat insulation effect
G. density is small, reduce the weight of the building, is conducive to structural design
Supporting mortar for insulation board: binder and protective mortar for insulation board
Product advantages:
a. Good adhesion to the substrate and polystyrene board
B. has sufficient denaturation ability (flexible) and good impact resistance
C. surface can choose a variety of decorative finishing materials
D. light weight, low requirements on the wall, can be used directly on concrete and brick walls
E. environmental protection non-toxic, save a lot of energy
F. has excellent adhesion and surface strength, thin coating has sufficient protection ability, with the strengthening of the grid, resistance to shock vibration
g. Low shrinkage, no cracking, no shell, long-term weather resistance and stability
H. add water to use, avoid the randomness of mixing mortar on site, and the quality is stable.
I. It has good water retention and homogeneity, and good construction performance
J. alkali resistance, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance
K. quick drying, early strength, high construction efficiency

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