Application and advantages of mortar such as tile adhesive

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Application and advantages of mortar such as tile adhesive

Tile binder: used for pasting ceramic tiles, polished tiles and natural stone such as granite
Product advantages:
A. advanced construction, vertical resistance, construction quality and efficiency have been greatly improved
B. save the amount of material, can achieve thin layer bonding
c. Strong adhesion, reduce delamination and peeling, avoid hollowing and cracking
d. Simple and convenient, easy quality control
E. protect the environment, no toxic additives
Masonry mortar: mortar used for masonry bricks, stones and other masonry blocks.
Product advantages:
a. Excellent construction workability and bonding ability
B. has excellent water retention, so that the mortar in the better conditions of the gel more dense, and can be in the dry block base surface can ensure the effective bonding of mortar
c. It has the characteristics of plastic shrinkage and low dry shrinkage to ensure the dimensional stability of the wall to the maximum extent.
d. After gelation, it has the mechanical properties of rigid belt toughness.
Plastering mortar: Mortar applied to the surface of a building or building member.
Product advantages:
a. Can withstand a range of external effects
B. has enough water flushing resistance, can be used in the bathroom and other wet room plastering project
C. reduce the number of plastering layers, improve work efficiency
d. Good workability makes the base surface smooth and even
E. has good anti-sagging performance, low viscosity to plastering tools, easy construction
F. mortar water retention performance is good, no cracks after hardening
g. Good water vapor permeability
h. Better crack resistance and impermeability

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