Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol in Dry Powder Mortar

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Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol in Dry Powder Mortar

Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol in Dry Powder Mortar
1. early strength agent
Content 0.3-0.7%
low temperature early coagulant
calcium formate
Accelerate cement hardening speed and improve early strength
2. air entraining agent (air entraining agent)
Dosage 0.005-0.02%
In the process of mortar mixing, a large number of evenly distributed tiny bubbles are introduced to reduce the surface tension of mortar mixing water, resulting in better dispersion, reducing the bleeding of mortar concrete mixture, segregation of additives 1, rosin resin
2. Alkyl salts
3. Non-ionic surfactant 1. Improve durability and frost resistance
2. Reduce bleeding and segregation
3. thixotropic lubricant
Powder rheological additives, specially processed, suitable for mineral-based (dry powder) systems and paste-like systems
1, reduce flow resistance, good lubricity.
2, improve thixotropy
3, is conducive to mixing and pumping. For gypsum, putty, self-leveling mortar, plastering mortar
4. polyvinyl alcohol
Water-soluble film-forming adhesive substance
Polyvinyl alcohol powder
1. Bonding
2. Film formation
3. Poor water resistance
Used for interior and exterior wall putty, interface agent, etc.
5. expansion agent
Calcium oxide (magnesium)/water with micro-expansion performance
Shrinkage cracking of patching mortar/concrete.

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