Characteristics, application and difference of redispersible latex powder and resin powder

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Characteristics, application and difference of redispersible latex powder and resin powder

In recent years, there have been a lot of resin powder on the market, high-strength water-resistant rubber powder and other very cheap rubber powder to replace the traditional VAE emulsion (vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer)-based, spray-dried redispersible latex powder, then resin powder andredispersible latex powderWhat is the difference, resin powder can replace redispersible latex powder? Here is a brief analysis of the difference between the two for your reference:
1. redispersible latex powder
At present, the redispersible latex powders widely used in the world include: vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer powder (VAC/E), ethylene and vinyl chloride and vinyl laurate terpolymer powder (E/VC/VL), vinyl acetate and ethylene and higher fatty acid vinyl ester terpolymer powder (VAC/E/VeoVa). These three kinds of redispersible latex powders dominate the whole market, in particular, vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer powder VAC/E, occupies a leading position in the global field, and represents the technical characteristics of redispersible latex powder. From the point of view of the technical experience of the polymers used for mortar modification, it is still the best technical solution:
1. It is one of the most used polymers in the world;
2. The most application experience in the field of construction;
3, can meet the requirements of the mortar rheological properties (that is, the required construction);
4. Polymeric resin with other monomers has the characteristics of low organic volatile matter (VOC) and low irritating gas;
5, with excellent anti-ultraviolet and good heat resistance and long-term stability characteristics;
6, with high anti-saponification performance;
7, with the widest glass temperature range (Tg);
8. It has relatively excellent comprehensive bonding, flexibility and mechanical properties;
9. Have the longest experience in chemical production of how to produce stable quality products and experience in maintaining storage stability;
10. Very easy to combine with performance protective colloid (polyvinyl alcohol)
2. resin powder
Most of the "resin" rubber powder on the market contains DBP. This chemical substance can be checked for its harmfulness, which affects male sexual function. A large number of such rubber powder piled in the warehouse, piled in the laboratory, it has a certain volatility. The Beijing market, which is famous for its rich production of "rubber powder", now has a variety of names for "rubber powder" soaked in solvents: high-strength water-resistant rubber powder resin powder, etc., with typical characteristics:
1. Poor dispersion, some feel wet, some feel flocculent (should be sepiolite porous material) and some make white slightly dry but still smelly.
2. It smells very pungent.
3. Some have added colors. The current colors include white, yellow, gray, black, red, etc.
4. The dosage is very small, and the dosage of one ton is 5~12kg.
5. The early strength is amazing. The cement has not had strength for three days. It can already corrode and stick the insulation board.
6. It is said that XPS board can be used without interface agent
According to the samples obtained at present, it can be concluded that it is a solvent resin adsorbed by light porous materials, but the supplier wants to deliberately avoid the word "solvent", so it is called "rubber powder"
1. The weather resistance of the solvent is a big problem. In the sun, it will not take long to volatilize. Even if it is not in the sun, the bonding interface will decompose faster because of the cavity construction.
2, aging resistance, solvent is not temperature resistant, this is known to all
3. Because the bonding mechanism is to dissolve the interface of the insulation board, on the contrary, it also destroys the bonding interface. If there is a problem in the later stage, the impact will be fatal.
4, there is no application of foreign precedent, with foreign mature basic chemical experience, it is impossible not to find this material.
redispersible latex powder:
1. The redispersible emulsion powder product is a water-soluble redispersible powder, which is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, and polyvinyl alcohol is used as a protective colloid.
2. VAE redispersible latex powder has film-forming property. 50% aqueous solution forms emulsion state and forms plastic-like film after being placed on glass for 24 hours.
3. The formed film has certain flexibility and water resistance. It can meet national standards.
4, re dispersible latex powder with high performance: with high bonding ability and unique performance and outstanding waterproof performance, good bonding strength, giving the mortar excellent alkali resistance, can improve the adhesion of mortar, flexural strength, plasticity, wear resistance and construction, in the crack resistant mortar has strong flexibility.
resin powder:
1, resin powder is a new type of product rubber, resin, high molecular polymer, ground powder and other substances modifier.
2, resin powder with general durability, abrasion resistance, poor dispersion, some feel flocculent (should be sepiolite porous material), there are white powder (but similar to the stimulation of kerosene smell).
3, some resin powder on the board has a certain corrosive, waterproof is not very ideal. 4. The weather resistance and water resistance of resin rubber powder are lower than those of latex powder. Weather resistance is a big problem. In the sun, it will not take long to volatilize. Even if it is not in the sun, the bonding interface will decompose faster due to cavity construction.
5, resin powder does not have a mold, but no flexibility, according to the external wall insulation mortar testing standards, only polystyrene board damage rate standards. Other indicators are not up to standard.
6, resin powder can only be used for bonding polystyrene board, can not be used for glass beads and fireproof board bonding.
This shows that the development of the exterior insulation industry also needs to unswervingly promote the use of redispersible latex powder, vigorously support the policy of quality control of raw materials for exterior insulation, and advocate quality first and long-term development.

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