Bold prediction of the development trend of China's landscape design industry in the future

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Bold prediction of the development trend of China's landscape design industry in the future

The 20-year gold rally in the real estate industry from 1994 to 2014 has basically ended, and the curve has begun to go down. As a related industry of real estate, the impact and impact of landscape design is very obvious. The time may lag behind, but the trend is declining. In the past, we had the largest number of landscape construction opportunities and the largest amount of development in the world, but we did not go all out to innovate, but continued to "copy" quickly. Now we have to change the time, fortunately we still have time. So, what do we do?
1. Landscape design company survival of the fittest
Since 2015, the amount of landscape design has decreased significantly, resulting in a large surplus of human resources for landscape designers. Regarding landscape design projects, the design volume of different types of projects such as residential real estate and commercial real estate is decreasing, but on the contrary, the design work is more complicated, the number of changes is increasing, and Party A continues to lower the design fees, and the design company's Profits are falling sharply. The number of industrial real estate, pension real estate and other types of project design may increase slightly, but the landscape area of a single project is not large, and the unit price is generally low.
2. Landscape design companies cautiously listed
A, design companies do not need funds, money does not necessarily make a good design. Good design must rely on good creative talents. And more money can buy good talent, but the concept of listed companies may not be able to resonate with the concept of good talent.
B, capital is profit-seeking, is the need for money to generate money in return, so the stock market funds will change the original design company's corporate culture.
C, if you want to rely on the power of the stock market to make a lot of money, this mentality is eager for quick success and instant benefits, which is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises. The small and beautiful landscape design company does not lie in the large number of people and money, but in the attitude of focusing on landscape design, being brave in innovation, loving the landscape and devoting attentively.
3. Landscape designers return to first-tier cities
Landscape design companies in third-and fourth-tier cities lack projects, opportunities, funds and vitality, leading to a large number of layoffs and closures, and designers returning to first-tier cities. There is no doubt that first-tier cities and some second-tier cities must be the main battlefield for 90% of landscape designers.
4. Landscape designer's "new mountain to the countryside"
The "new going to the countryside" of landscape designers is to go to the countryside and build beautiful countryside, which is a new breakthrough point for landscape designers. Landscape designers want to go to the countryside to protect ancient towns and water villages and develop tourism and leisure industries, which is the most encouraged by the current national policy and has great opportunities.
5. Landscape design "project"
Real estate landscape design will be clearly divided into two directions: high-end projects and low-end project landscape design. Most of the government-led municipal projects are designed by overseas design companies in combination with local garden institutes and municipal institutes, and the level has been improved to a certain extent. However, in general, due to the large area of municipal projects, under the premise of insufficient project cost, the completion effect of the completed projects is general, and most of them are under-refined in detail design and construction. Of course, municipal projects show the application of many new ideas and technologies, and many good projects have been built in China, which is a more encouraging thing.
6. The "style" of landscape design"
Chinese landscape design must show their own unique style, this trend will make the landscape design really into the era of the emergence of the master. Now should be the emergence of excellent works, style and the emergence of the era of master. Therefore, this is the worst time, but it is also the best time.
7. Landscape design "Internet"
The Internet will become the cornerstone of all industries, so the Internet will subvert the landscape design industry. This trend must be unstoppable, and will produce innovative development models, landscape design industry will be a major change. In short, Internet technology is changing at the speed of light. Our landscape design industry should also keep pace with the times, continue to learn and improve, and accelerate innovation.
8. Landscape design "productization"
Landscape design and construction will eventually face the end user, and the trend of landscape design will gradually shift from construction projects as the main type to the mode of personal household consumer goods. With the emergence of products and standardized landscape household facilities, it indicates the arrival of new industrial opportunities. In the near future, the combination of landscape design and gardening will certainly develop. In addition, the landscape design of positioning children is closely combined with children's game facilities manufacturers, which will inevitably form another new trend of landscape design productization.
9. Core Objectives of Landscape Education
A common problem in the education of Chinese landscape architecture colleges is that there is a big disconnect between landscape education and the actual project design after work. If we do not consider the theoretical research, but to enter the landscape design company in the future, the combination of design teaching and construction practice is very necessary. The combination of innovative brainstorming and practical construction is the real integration of production, teaching and research.
10. Core Objectives of Landscape Architect/Company
The unremitting pursuit of outstanding works, as well as the ultimate peak of artistic innovation.

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