Fair-faced concrete-return to nature

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Fair-faced concrete-return to nature

Clear water concrete (As-cast Finish Concrete/BareConcrete), also known as decorative concrete; Because of its very decorative effect and the name. It belongs to a pouring molding, do not do any external decoration, directly use the natural surface effect of cast-in-place concrete as a veneer, so different from ordinary concrete, smooth surface, uniform color, sharp edges, no damage and pollution, just in the surface coated with a layer or two layers of transparent protective agent, it is very natural, solemn.
Contemporary designers treat the surface of concrete to make it more like a skin, rather than shaping the structure and volume of concrete. Therefore, concrete is often reprocessed and used as a control, a control with other materials, a control of its own texture, to express a sense of space and design intent. This concept eliminates many of the constraints on concrete and makes the approach to concrete surface treatment more diverse.
As a kind of homogeneous and background material, fair-faced concrete is often accompanied by these words for designers: faithfulness, minimalist style, abstract function, asceticism and so on. It can better reflect the change of light in space and create a pure and pensive atmosphere.
The clear water concrete with cold and gray tone makes these spaces show a quiet and abstract quality. When natural light and breeze flow into the space from the carefully designed gap, it produces a trembling force.

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