What are the common paving methods for gardens?

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What are the common paving methods for gardens?

What are the common paving methods for gardens?
(1) Garden sintered brick-vacuum brick
A, high compressive strength, good durability, high temperature sintering molding, larger size.
B. The surface texture of the product is diverse, the color is stable and lasting, the color difference is natural, the tone is soft and does not fade.
C, construction and maintenance is convenient.
D, its unique moisture absorption function, can adjust the climate of the community.
E, need to use sand cushion, easy to use early sand, can be cleaned.
(2) Garden sintered brick-rock and soil brick (clay brick)
A, culture, environmental protection: garden sintered brick is a classic material to express the style of Chinese classical culture. The main component of garden sintered brick is clay-based, thousands of degrees of high temperature can play a role in sterilization and disinfection, so it is not radioactive, safe and environmentally friendly.
B. Comfortable and durable: Garden sintered bricks have the function of absorbing and discharging moisture: the pores distributed in the brick absorb moisture at night, release moisture during the day, and keep the local environment relatively moist. Garden sintered brick against wind and rain, fire retardant, never fade, antifreeze performance is also the best of all ground materials.
C, practical, value-added: non-slip, no water. The use of garden sintered brick, the initial investment is larger. When it can witness a century of history, its value-added function is enhanced with the passage of time.
(3) concrete art floor:
A, low cost, simple laying, strong plasticity, high durability, changeable appearance. (dyeing technology, painting technology, etching technology)
B. Various patterns and styles: small gravel, rain flower stone, mother and child rain flower stone, wood grain, fossil series, texture type, slate brick, London pebble, fan, granite, cobblestone, permeable colored stone series.
C, construction process: pouring concrete-concrete flattening-sprinkling strengthening material-smoothing light-sprinkling stripping material-laminating-coating protective agent after washing-finished product
D. The finished concrete brick products are moderately rough and colorful
E, new permeable concrete floor: sponge city main technology, drainage, anti-sliding, sound absorption, noise reduction, can improve the surface ecological cycle, traffic safety, protect the living environment, solve the negative impact of large-scale modern city construction.
(4) Asphalt concrete: it has sufficient strength, smooth and solid surface, no joints, no dust, no reflection, to ensure high-speed driving, but the asphalt pavement will cause pollution to the land and groundwater around the highway, and the natural decomposition and degradation of asphalt will take decades.

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