How to make the construction of high quality self leveling ground

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How to make the construction of high quality self leveling ground

How construction can make high quality self leveling ground:
Requirements for 1. foundation ground:
The basic cement floor is required to be clean, dry and smooth. Specific as follows:
No empty shell between cement mortar and ground
There shall be no sand on the cement mortar surface, and the mortar surface shall be kept clean.
The cement surface must be smooth and the height difference within two meters is less than 4mm.
The ground must be dry, and the moisture content shall not exceed 17 degrees with a special test instrument.
The strength of base cement shall not be less than 10Mpa.
Preparation before 2. construction:
Before the construction of self leveling cement, the ground must be polished with a grinding machine to grind away the impurities, floating dust and sand particles on the ground. Grind the ground with more local elevation. After sanding, sweep off the dust and use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. After cleaning the ground, the self leveling cement must be used before the interface agent treatment, according to the requirements of the manufacturer of the interface agent evenly coated on the ground. To ensure uniform application, leaving no gap. After coating the interface agent according to the different performance of the product, waiting for a certain time can be carried out above the construction of self leveling cement. Interface agent can increase the bonding force of self-leveling cement and the ground, and prevent the shelling and cracking of self-leveling cement.
3. construction environment
The work area is allowed to be slightly ventilated, but the doors and windows should be closed to avoid airflow during and after construction. During construction and within a week after construction indoor and ground temperature should be higher than 10 ℃. The relative humidity of the ground concrete should be less than 95%.
4. self leveling construction:
Prepare a measuring barrel, add water in strict accordance with the water-cement ratio of the self-leveling manufacturer, and stir the self-leveling thoroughly with an electric stirrer. Stirring is carried out in two times, usually about 2-3 minutes for the first time, pause for 2 minutes in the middle, let it fully dissolve, and then stir for about 3 minutes. Mixing should be thorough, no lumps or dry powder. The stirred self-leveling cement shall be fluid. Mixing good self-leveling as far as possible within half an hour of use. The self-leveling cement poured on the ground, with a toothed target to open the self-leveling target, according to the requirements of the thickness of the target to different sizes of area. After its natural leveling with toothed rollers in the above vertical and horizontal rolling, the release of the gas, to prevent foaming. Special attention should be paid to the leveling of the lap joint of self-leveling cement. According to the phenomenon of different temperature, humidity and ventilation, self leveling cement need 8-24 hours after completely dry, dry before the next step of construction.

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