Floor installation using self-leveling cement as the base of the six major advantages

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Floor installation using self-leveling cement as the base of the six major advantages

The role of self leveling application in floor construction is very important, whether it is laminate flooring or solid wood flooring is composed of wood, so any wood floor has the common common common wood, which includes the adverse reaction of wood to temperature and humidity,self-leveling cementThe addition of the base can be a good moisture-proof effect. In addition, because the floor construction is a precise and professional project, because the floor in the room is the highest utilization rate of all home building materials products, so every construction detail determines the firmness of the floor in future use, and the flatness of the ground substrate plays a vital role in the construction of the floor, self leveling can solve the common six major problems of floor installation.
Problem one: the floor damp breeding fungus
After the floor is affected with damp for a long time, it will turn black due to bacteria, and the root cause of the floor is that the base layer below the floor does not have a good isolation function for moisture, resulting in the floor contacting the wet base surface for a long time. Self leveling treatment is a good solution to this problem, because the self leveling itself has low moisture content, quick drying and other characteristics, therefore, the wood floor attached to the self leveling base can greatly reduce the phenomenon of moisture.
Problem two: floor expansion, arch
Due to the wood characteristics of the floor, the local board will expand after a long time of dampness, especially in the case of local dampness, but also due to the mutual extrusion between the floor, resulting in the arch phenomenon. Self leveling treatment will put an end to the occurrence of this phenomenon, it can not only on the ground moisture, moisture, its excellent finish, uniformity and flatness can also avoid local damp floor.
Problem three: floor trampling noise
After the wooden floor is used for a period of time, it will produce noise and air floating, which is called the concave-convex phenomenon of the floor. First, due to the uneven grinding of the lower base of the floor, the ground height difference is generated, which is floating after long-term trampling. Two is due to the lower floor between the base and the floor connection is not strong and hollow phenomenon. Leveling provided by the leveling function, can put an end to the ground height difference and due to the grass-roots is not solid floating phenomenon.
Problem four: floor notch fracture
In recent years, the lock technology is popular in the floor process, this lock technology will be the floor tightly connected together, but in the floor due to damp arch problem occurs seriously will lead to lock deformation, or even crack. If the self leveling good treatment, put an end to the floor damp situation, the floor between the slot will maintain good tightness.
Problem 5: Skirting Leak
If the floor is paved with suspension, the connection between the skirting line and the edge of the floor will be avoided. Because the suspension paving method is easy to cause gaps between the floor and the skirting line and the edge of the floor due to the fragility of the base layer, and then a series of late hidden dangers such as water inflow and dust inflow will follow. Therefore, solid self-leveling plays a solid role at this time. It will never cause ground sinking problems due to long-term use, so there will naturally be no gaps between the skirting line and the floor.
Problem six: floor large area drum
Large area bulging and local bulging are caused by different reasons, and large area bulging caused by inferior cement layering is more difficult to prevent and repair. Good cement is a good foundation, and a solid self-leveling can also ensure the solid base and avoid the ground problems caused by the fracture of the base.
Scope of application
Suitable for homes, offices, small commercial facilities and other places with low strength requirements, for all kinds of flooring, floor heating, carpets, floor tiles, pvc flooring and other ground system engineering to provide a smooth and intact, solid ideal base.

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