How to transform and adjust 2016 flooring enterprises

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How to transform and adjust 2016 flooring enterprises

With the gradual acceleration of the process of economic integration, the home building materials market has gradually shown a diversified development trend. For the floor enterprises, in the current floor market, enterprise development is also facing a choice. The complexity of market competition makes enterprises face more challenges. In this industry background, flooring enterprises need to understand the direction suitable for their own development from the trend. In the current market competition situation is particularly complex, the development of flooring enterprises is also facing a greater adjustment. For flooring companies, if they want to find a new development direction in the market in 2016, they must continuously improve their comprehensive competitive strength. However, in terms of enhancing strength, enterprises still need to find the right direction and make certain market planning.
From the perspective of flooring companies, the entire flooring industry has been developing in China for many years. Now under the influence of a series of internal and external factors, the market environment of the industry is also changing. For the flooring industry, in the current market situation, companies If you want to seek a higher level of development, you must analyze the current situation. Only by doing a good trend analysis can flooring companies find a suitable direction for their own development in the future market.
Brand building into the key to the development of flooring enterprises
2016 will be another year for the income of Chinese people to increase. In the context of the overall increase in residents' income, the flooring companies with brands will be the main winners. The exemplary role of brand building will be more apparent, and more companies will invest in brand building. In 2015, despite the fierce competition, and some companies with brand reputation showed a rising momentum against the trend, this is already the best market textbook, telling those failed companies how to compete in the new market environment. I believe more enterprises will learn the truth of brand building in 2016. And some companies that have made achievements in brand building will further regulate their brand behavior and achieve brand success at a higher level.
With the help of the Internet to create a new marketing model
In addition to brand building, nowadays, there will be more traditional enterprises in the field of online sales. The momentum of online sales eating up market share in traditional channels like a scourge may weaken, but it will never be reversed. It's just that the momentum of the attack is slowing down. The main reason why traditional enterprises are poor in the field of online sales is that the person in charge of traditional enterprises knows little about the network and cannot flexibly use new technologies and new means to form a joint force with existing advantages and create new marketing advantages. This situation is expected to change with the rejuvenation, knowledge and gradual awakening of the heads of traditional enterprises.
Transformation of traditional sales channels to service
At present, the requirement for a floor guide is that he should not only know the floor knowledge, but also know the decoration knowledge. Even for some customers, he also needs to know the niche knowledge such as feng shui and constellation. Consumer awareness of the floor has been changing. Consumers not only need floor products, but also need a designer to explain the floor style and design the floor space for him, so that the floor becomes the most important part of it. In order to adapt to this new consumer trend, many flooring companies have made efforts to let their sales staff take on more personalized services. And companies that make such transformations often reap huge rewards. Provide customers with plastic flooring or wood flooring installation, and even the grass-roots floorself-leveling cementThe construction treatment makes the customer more worry-free and often more in line with the customer's needs.
The complexity of the market environment also makes the development trend of the flooring industry more diverse, but in this process, flooring companies will also bear more development pressure. Market competition is cruel. In the process of improving the strength, enterprises can only win in the future market competition by finding the right direction.

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