Advantages of ecological permeable roads

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Advantages of ecological permeable roads

Advantages of ecological permeable roads:

    1.When concentrated rainfall can reduce the burden of urban drainage facilities, prevent river flooding and water pollution.

    2.Can make the rainwater quickly penetrate into the ground, restore groundwater, maintain soil moisture.

    3.To prevent water on the road surface, no reflection at night, and increase the safety and comfort of road traffic.

    4.Large porosity reduces road noise during vehicle travel4-5Decibels.

    5.Adsorption of urban pollutants to reduce dust pollution.


Permeable roads can effectively alleviate the urban heat island effect, and have high carrying capacity and colorfulness. They have been widely used in municipal administration, gardens, parks, sidewalks, stadiums, parking lots, communities, commercial squares and other fields. The design code for permeable concrete pavement requires that permeable concrete is suitable for light load road pavement, not for pavements in severe cold areas, collapsible loess areas, saline soil areas and expansive soil areas. The design of permeable concrete pavement should consider the geological conditions, load levels, landscape requirements, environmental conditions, construction conditions and other factors.


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