How to maintain permeable floor

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How to maintain permeable floor

Permeable floor is widely used in garden paths, city squares, municipal trails, high-grade residential quarters, parking lots, commercial office buildings, outdoor sports venues (badminton venues, basketball venues, etc.). Permeable floor has 15%-25% pores, which can make the water permeability reach 31-52 liters/meter/hour, far higher than the discharge rate of the most effective rainfall under the best drainage configuration. Permeable floor has a good decorative effect, can cooperate with the designer's unique creativity, to achieve different environment and personality requirements of the decorative style, which is generally permeable brick is difficult to achieve.
So how to maintain such an excellent floor, the following brief introduction:
Permeable floor due to the existence of a large number of holes, easy to lose water, dry quickly, so conservation is very important. Especially early maintenance, to avoid a large amount of water in the permeable floor evaporation. Therefore, the formwork removal time of permeable concrete is shorter than that of ordinary concrete, so its side and edge will be exposed to the air. Plastic film or colored strip cloth should be used to cover the road surface and side in time to ensure the humidity and full hydration of cement! Permeable floor should be in 1 days after pouring sprinkling water curing, when the water should not use pressure water column straight into the concrete surface, this will take away some cement slurry, resulting in some weak parts, but in the normal case directly from the top down watering. Water permeable floor conservation time should be not less than 7 days.
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