New Land 2015 Work Summary and 2016 Work Deployment Conference

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New Land 2015 Work Summary and 2016 Work Deployment Conference

At the beginning of the new year, in order to comprehensively summarize the work in 2015 and deploy all the work in 2016, the eighth day of the first monthshandong new earth industrial group co., ltdThe 2015 work summary and 2016 work deployment conference was held in Tai 'an, attended by representatives from Jinan marketing center, heads of various business departments, heads of various departments, and general managers in charge of marketing.
The meeting was presided over by General Manager Yi. At the beginning of the meeting, the advanced departments, advanced engineering departments, advanced self-leveling divisions, outstanding managers, outstanding employees, sales pacesetters and outstanding salesmen who worked hard and made good achievements under the correct leadership of the Group Company in 2015 were commended and awarded awards. It is hoped that the units and individuals who have received the commendation will make persistent efforts and achieve better results. At the same time, it is hoped that all cadres and employees will take the advanced as an example, strive to create a new situation in various work, and make greater contributions to promoting the development of the group's various work.
After the award ceremony, sun Qingjun, chairman of Shandong xindadi industrial group co., ltd., made a speech. sun zong made a comprehensive summary of the work in 2015, expressed gratification at the company's good results despite the unsatisfactory overall situation in the building materials industry in 2015, and asked everyone to cherish the honor and continue to work hard. In 2015, the company added a new permeable concrete project on the basis of the original flagship products such as redispersible latex powder and self-leveling cement,thick layer self-leveling cementPowder K11 waterproof self-leveling coating, plastering gypsum, grouting material and other new products, and received extensive attention, the next year, our company will continue to develop products to meet the needs of the market. In addition to the domestic market, the development of the Ministry of Foreign Trade is also gratifying. In the past year, the company's export market has continued to expand, and the form is excellent.
For the coming 2016, Mr. Sun said that our company will continue to strengthen production management, marketing management and new product research and development, etc., and repay customers' support and trust with practical actions. Based on the overall form of building materials industry, Sun Zong proposed that in terms of dry-mixed mortar and special mortar, the renovation of old buildings is a development trend worthy of attention. The sustained and rapid development of ceramic tile glue in recent years is also an opportunity for the development of redispersible latex powder. In addition, the continuous development of our company's self-leveling cement division in recent years has also expanded the popularity of redispersible latex powder, and more and more customers have recognized the company, the company's development prospects expressed sufficient confidence.
In 2016, Xindadi will continue to optimize production under the premise of quality assurance, introduce and train professional technical personnel, strengthen technology research and development, and add bricks and tiles to the building materials industry.

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