The spring of 2016 comes, and hopes are flying all the way forward.

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The spring of 2016 comes, and hopes are flying all the way forward.

At the end of the year, 2015, and away. on the occasion of this small year,New Earth GroupJinan sales headquarters staff gathered together to sum up the 2015 and look forward to the 2016. In this year, the "Internet" has been upgraded from an industry hot word to a national hot word, and it has been deeply integrated into our lives. This year, the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship is surging, and creating customers has become a fashion. The continuous promotion of streamlining administration and delegating powers has brought fresh vitality and vitality to the enterprise market, and the creative tide of the new generation of post-80s and post-90s has become a bright color in mass entrepreneurship and innovation. This year, the residence permit system was released, and the difference between the word "temporary" and "residence" allowed the migrant population to see the path of dreams into reality. After 37 years, the high-level meeting that once again focused on urban development has given people living in it a new hope for sponge cities and more livable living spaces. This year, poverty alleviation, precision poverty alleviation has become a strong voice. This year, the implementation of the case registration system effectively solved the "difficulty in filing a case", the threshold for applying for justice was further lowered, and the sunshine of fairness and justice was able to shine on more people's hearts. This year, we also experienced a lot of pain and sorrow. Haze thick days, we look forward to a touch of blue in the chaos and hazy to become the norm; the stock market fluctuations, our mood is also like a roller coaster ups and downs; typhoon earthquake, passenger ship overturned, port explosion, we grieve, but also in the joys and sorrows of family and warmth ......; there is fatigue, there is joy, there is loss, there is warmth. 2015 we have experienced a lot and witnessed a lot. Standing at the threshold of the end of the year, listening to the wheels of the Spring Festival travel season roaring forward, we can see-the spring of 2016, coming with money.

For most Chinese people, the Spring Festival is the real one and the renewal of everything. In this traditional festival, which has been in circulation for thousands of years, it is the same ritual to reunite with your family to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, sort out the road of the year, and release the hope for the coming year. A year's plan lies in spring. The significance of the New Year's Eve may be to let us blow off hardships, empty exhaustion, shake off annoyance, and generate new expectations to ignite new dreams. When the breeze of the New Year blows, when the sunshine of the New Year shines on each of us, when a new annual ring slowly unfolds, we will save full energy, with joy and joy, all the way forward.


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